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Whitelion Promotes Event with Relaunched bwired Website

The Whitelion Bail Out 2012 campaign is an important fundraising and awareness opportunity for the non-profit organisation.

At Bail Out events, fundraisers can feel what it's like to be incarcerated while helping out young people who are at risk. But it's not all serious - once your reach your bail target, "inmates" are released and escorted to a Parole Party to celebrate their achievement with friends, family and colleagues.


On the Bail Out 2012 website, visitors can find out about the many bail out events around Australia, including a new Adelaide Bail Out to allow South Australians to join in the fun of getting locked up! 

The newly relaunched site has lots of helpful features for a non-profit looking to raise money and awareness, such as:

  • "Inmates" can register as an individual or part of a team to help raise money for Whitelion and to participate at one of the Bail Out events.
  • Their fundraising page can then be used to track their progress and to help promote their fundraising efforts.
  • A login area also allows inmates to sign in and manage their fundraising page.

Started in 2006, Bail Out 2012 now continues to grow, with over $415,000 raised in 2011! Let's keep it going and support youth-at-risk by visiting the Bail Out 2012 page and participating in one of the fun events (or sponsoring a brave soul who has signed up for a good cause!)

We've been supporters of the event and participated in the Melbourne Bail Out a few times and we can really recommend it!