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Update: Wilfred and Adam Support Party For Strays...

 Wilfred and Adam support Party For Strays

Everyone's favourite dog (who thinks he's a human) has joined Party for Strays to help save the lives of stray, abused and abandoned pets in need of new loving homes.

Wilfred understands the plight of homeless pets in shelters, as he was adopted by Sarah as a young pup from a shelter. Wilfred, his owner Sarah and her boyfriend Adam are rallying the support of their friends to hold a Party for Strays, raising funds to save lives.

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Party for Strays, originally called "Stray's Birthday" is a fundraising event started by the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. While last year's inaugural event was successful, they learnt many lessons about the tricky "online fundraising" scene.

With these lessons in mind, Lort Smith approached bwired to create THE online fundraising event of the year.

Utilising the "ivote" social networking system the site allows anyone to create their own party profile expressing their love of animals, and fundraising through friends, family and the the world wide web. They can add their own photos and videos of themselves, their pets and advertise their business or personal interests. This, coupled with the colourful and fun overall atmosphere of the site, brings together all the good bits of social networking to raise awareness about the serious issue of stray, abused or abandoned animals Australia-wide.