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The Gift of Time

Butterflies in Bloom launched their first website today, offering a range of help and support services that can be given as gifts for those living with a terminal illness, providing family and friends with a thoughtful and easy way to help out. The 2 or 3 hour time block vouchers can be used for child care, domestic help, house cleaning or personal care services.

Usability was a high priority for Butterflies in Bloom, and the clean cut, intuitive user interface was designed with a wide range of target audiences in mind.

Using bwired's website management platform, coreDNA, Butterflies in Bloom display and enable visitors to purchase vouchers online, which can be billed and shipped seperately.

Using coreDNA's Help Module, Butterflies in Bloom are also able to provide visitors with a readily available central repository of information about issues relating to palliative care.

coreDNA's search engine-friendly architecture will enhance brand awareness and boost search engine rankings for the website over time.

Butterflies in Bloom hope to develop the business further and offer a wider range of services over time. For more information, or to visit the website, click here.