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Social Media Mistakes - Not a Disaster

This week Coles is in the crosshairs thanks to a poorly planned tweet that gave the Twitterverse an opportunity to mock the open-ended question (hey Coles, remember #qantasluxury?) and criticize some of Coles more unpopular (offline) policies. 

But c'mon...why are we calling these types of gaffes "disasters" and "social media suicide"? It was a mistake, and wouldn't it be nice if Coles responded to the criticisms, but it's hardly a failed social media campaign overall.

What's really damaging to your social media campaign is when you don't commit. When you delete negative posts. When you ignore comments from customers or fail to follow up with both the good and the bad posts. When you make the effort to create a space for your brand on a social media network and invite fans/followers to interact with you, then don't hold up your end of the bargain. That's a missed opportunity. More in our blog post here.