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Sharing all that is trending in digital - Another successful seminar for bwired

We had a great start to the day last Thursday by the river in Southbank at PLUS5, with some great information from Campbell Wilson on how to grow your company online.

With over 13 years' experience in the industry, Campbell gave great insight into how to make sure your strategy works - and even what to consider if the strategy somehow slipped past you.

Key takeaways from the seminar included:

•  The importance of planning in a digital strategy - competitive website research, digital asset review, content audit, and keyword analysis

•  Personalisation and segmentation, and the impact this has on user experience, customer satisfaction and conversion rate

•  Analytics as a core strategy component, providing data to be used for review and refinement

Guest Catherine M. said

"Great presentation, thanks Campbell, enjoyed the content and topics. Makes so much sense."

Alanna Jordon from Belinda Carusi Fitness Hub said:

"Great to see the analytic and web-based approach to digital supported by facts and figures. Very informative."

The next seminar is around the corner and we will be covering topics of high demand -  stay tuned for updates.

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