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New Features for Google Analytics and Facebook Ads

As reported over on Smart Company, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads have added some new features that will be very helpful for SMEs (and major organisations).

For example: 

"Multi-Channel Funnels allow you to understand the interaction between your paid advertising, your emails and campaigns and organic search traffic and how they can all work together to create conversions. Put simply, you can visualise the 'click journey' or path which may have started with a Facebook ad click and ended with a Google ad click, resulting in a final conversion."

Over on Facebook ads, there is a "new targeting feature called Broad Category Targeting. This is also a cool feature and one worth checking out if you haven't seen it. We are trialling its accuracy at the moment, but it seems pretty useful so far. Check out some of the 'interests' you can reach, from families with kids to small business owners:"

Click here to see the screenshots and read more about Google Analytics and Facebook Ads in the Smart Company article. And if you're interested in learning more about Google Analytics, Google AdWords and how to manage the data collected on your website, contact us at bwired.