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Life's Too Short to be Small

Life's too short to be small, and the new Max's website is anything but. Packed with products, training tips and great advice on how to train harder, get fitter, build muscle and lose fat, the website is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to shape up for summer.

Max's have launched an all-new website with a fresh new look and feel, providing their fans with greater usability, functionality and interactivity.

Sporting a clean-cut design and a range of new features, the website now provides Max's members with access to past episodes of Muscle TV via the newly integrated Media Manager Module as well as the opportunity to connect with other members of Max's online community via facebook and twitter.

Max's old site had great depth, however the sheer amount of content affected navigation in that it became tricky to reach within minimal clicks. Website statistics provided a more strategic direction for the site, which now features consolidated information and simplified navigation, and caters to their target audience more efficiently.

Max's have always recognised the importance of the digital channel as a way to connect with their customers and prospects, and the new website takes advantage of the latest in online technology to support members and provide return on investment to the business.

A simplified registration process for new members allows users to quickly and easily sign up for personalised content by ticking interest groups along the way, and users can now provide feedback regarding products and services using coreDNA's Poll Module.

Another particularly exciting new feature is the conversion-tracked advertisement banner featured on the home page, which can be used to promote products and track integrated marketing campaigns.

"We're so pleased with the new direction the website has taken. It's really streamlined our communications, and allows us to implement and track promotional campaigns more efficiently and effectively," said Fred Liberatore, Online Marketing Manager for Max's.

To check out the new site, learn more about Max's, or experience the latest in web design and technology, click here.