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Integrating Marketing Communications - Go Ballistyx!

Ballistyx! has been at the forefront of skating and board riding for 15 years, providing affordable gear and financial support for these sports throughout Australia.

Ballistyx! wanted to take a more strategic approach online, using their website to drive sales and engage members. It was particularly important that they gain more control over content. Ballistyx! came to bwired for a redesign and complete website overhaul.

Ballistyx! was launched on bwired's coreDNA platform, providing them with complete control over content, increasing usability dramatically.

The platform is integrated with Product Catalogue and eCommerce, allowing visitors to shop online in a secure environment. Ballistyx! generate additional revenue through their website through coreDNA's Ad Manager Module, which enables contextual advertising, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience in a relevant, effective manner.

Ballistiyx! provide visitors with a range of new features, including links to the Ballistyx Snowboard Show (channel Go! 1pm Saturdays), allowing members to access missed episodes and learn more about the Ballistyx! team through their rider profiles. Ballistyx! also use their website to offer show viewers prizes and giveaways, driving quality traffic.

The new website allows Ballistyx to offer members a seamless user experience, from TV show to website and back again, offering users a one-stop-shop for all their surfing, skating and boarding needs.

This website has heaps of awesome features, and is definately worth checking out: head to