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Green is the New Black- What are You Doing to Reduce Your Impact?

Green is the new black. Corporate social responsibility has been fashion-forward for organisations throughout the world for the past decade and our carbon footprint is only getting bigger. As individuals place more personal responsibility on doing their bit for mother nature, the expectation is that organisations will do so too- and the brand loyalty and brand equity that is generated as a result makes it more than worth it.

The Hatlar Group is a specialist environmental consultancy providing a range of services that enable organisations to meet their regulatory and corporate responsibilities.

Hatlar have enhanced their website to provide visitors with a range of environmental solutions at their fingertips.Their range of services are clearly accessible from the home page, so you can assess which option is right for you and access the information you need in minimal clicks.

With an all-new design and enhanced usability and functionality, the new website aims to provide a positive user experience from start to finish.

What are you doing to reduce your impact? Visit  to learn about the range of solutions available, and which is right for you.