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Flexible Designs Allow for Differentiation While Maintaining Brand Consistency

Nexia ASR recently launched their brand new website, showing off a sleek new look and feel to match their branding.

The site features a bold, clean and colourful design; intuitive navigation; and variety of visually stimulating mediums to communicate key messages, providing users with an engaging, positive user experience.

By combining a variety of web technologies such as coreDNA, Flash and Javascript the site has moved away from the tired, static look and feel that standard text provides, to a more aesthetically pleasing and appealing online experience. The website also incorporates professional photography taken at Nexia ASR offices of staff interacting with each other and with clients on a day-to-day basis, providing users with a more "personal" online experience.

The website showcases a flexible design that allows Nexia ASR to quickly and easily change aspects of particular areas of the website, such as customized branding for the Nexia ASR Financial Services section, enabling differentiation between areas whilst maintaining brand consistency.

Another key feature of the website is the secure Client Portal section which provides Nexia ASR clients with their own personalized profile and access to their personal financial documents from anywhere in the world.

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