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Facebook hacker gets $11 000...but not from Facebook.

Khalil Shreateh, who last week made his mark online for hacking Facebook, has been rewarded a prize of over $11 000 prize from GoFundMe, an online crowdsourcing campaign. Facebook, however have refused to reward the Khalil.

Shreateh discovered a bug which allowed anybody to post on someone else's Facebook Timeline, even for people that are not Facebook friends. He initially used Facebook’s Whitehat Disclosure Program to inform the company of the issue. This program has been set up and rewards bug hunters for reporting issues to the company. After his multiple efforts failed to capture the attention of Facebook’s security engineers, he resorted to hacking Zuckberberg’s Timeline.

Facebook considered his action a violation of its terms of service and of the Whitehat Program as they prohibit using the bugs they find on real people's profiles.  His actions however, have clearly been credited by a global community who were able to raise $11 000 in just over a week - most likely more than what Facebook would have rewarded him.