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Double Facing Websites: Did you Know?

Did you have any idea that your website was capable of showing different information to different stakeholders? Polaris is a fantastic example of an organisation taking full advantage of this great feature.

Polaris is Australia's leading distributor of telephone headsets and peripheral equipment.

The Polaris website services the entire general public, providing images and information about their products and services for prospects to view. Through the same website, authorized wholesalers are able to login and view all of the same images and information, plus pricing and additional information.

This secure login also allows authorized wholesalers to buy directly from the website without risk.

In addition, this feature allows Polaris to personalize promotions and other communications for specific wholesalers, allowing for communication at the individual level.

The new website was designed with intricate flash on the home page and an attractive colour scheme which falls in line with the new branding and increases interactivity.

To check out Polaris's new site click here.