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Don't Focus on Design

Design is a key element in a website build; however, when an organisation fixates on how the website looks, many other essential elements can be lost along the way, like website technology, usability, social media or mobile. And these elements are often the ones that will truly determine your website's success. In fact, we shared our thoughts on this subject in an article over on Smart Company earlier today.

A website must support your business goals and deliver your objectives. A great looking site isn't going to do that if there isn't a strategy behind it.

At bwired, we look at your entire business to determine the best strategy for your web project. In our RISE sessions, we hold meet with key stakeholders and set formal objectives so we can understand your needs and ensure our project efforts deliver the maximum outcome for your business.

RISE looks at Research needs, Image (market and brand), Sales (and other key organizational success measures) and the Efficiency of your business operations.

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