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coreDNA gets a facelift!

bwired's online content management and application platform, coreDNA, can achieve some fantastic outcomes for your website - and it's about to get even better. We are both giving the interface an upgrade, to make the site look fresher and easier to navigate, and adding additional functionality to get your website working smarter.

 Here's a rundown on what the refreshed site will deliver:

 Dashboard: dashboard.png

Shows current site activity
Recent site activity
Server storage space remaining/used
Key analytic metrics
System news
Support area and faq for admin users
Quick help appearing throughout every module with up to date tips
Quick actions box for frequently used areas

  Pages module: pages_module_details.png

 Revised structure for better intuitiveness
50% increase in load speeds
Fully dynamic smart url and page naming facility
Dynamic meta data functionality
New WYSIWYG editor for compliant html and ease of use
Page search functionality to search within your site structure
Revised page locking functionality for version control
New page ordering functionality for precise and fast page re-location
Hints and tips for module function explanation
Fast publishing

General Features:

Change site on the fly for multi-admin users
Customisable menus for every user

 We are very excited about these developments to coreDNA and we're looking forward to sharing them with you. At this stage, we are intending to launch a beta version in October, so stay tuned!