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bwired partners with The Mind Gallery for Team Building

bwired partners with team building business - The Mind Gallery

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Team building business, The Mind Gallery has partnered with bwired to create an engaging website to further their reach within the corporate team building marketplace. The Mind Gallery work nationally and internationally to focus and engage organisations with their Business Goals. The site had to convey the Mind Galleries process involving visualizing and painting the corporate goals which stimulate the creative side of the brain and continues to make links and generate ideas long after their events are over. This outcome was developed by creating a visually pleasing product catalogue to show their corporate event outcomes. The Mind Gallery wanted their site to stimulate businesses into using different methods to create team building success.

The key developments for the Mind Gallery website were -

o    To establish an effective online presence

o    To enhance the website to be a core communication tool

o    To assist in selling the innovation to their targeted audience

o    To increase the exposure of the Mind Gallery brand

o    To Increase and drive brand loyalty and referrals

Check out the new website at

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