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bwired help raise over $340,000 for WhiteLion's BailOut 2008 Campaign

Bail was set for $1,000 each and three of the bwired team were sent to jail for an evening of reflection and entertainment as part of the annual WhiteLion charity event 'BailOut'.

bwired have been involved with WhiteLion for the past 4 years with sponsorship and the design and development of the organisations website. Over the past 2 years bwired have worked in conjunction with WhiteLion's 'BailOut' campaign, setting up an iVote system to facilitate the event. Those participants willing to reach the $1,000 minimum target upload their profile to an online directory whereby people can donate funds to support the charity and 'Bail out' the inmates.

Gail, Anthony and Tim from the bwired team participated in the event, helping to raise over $340,000 for WhiteLion. Enduring a few cold hours among some of Old Melbourne Gaol's isolated cell blocks, they were pleased to join the post cocktail party where hundreds of WhiteLion supporters rocked away the rest of the evening.

Thanks to all those for your support in the 2008 BailOut campaign.

Breaking the Cycle

Whitelion is a non for profit organisation supporting young people to build better lives for themselves and help to make our community a more inclusive and safer place.

Each year thousands of young people are disconnected from our community due to abuse and neglect, drug addiction and poverty. These young people have often had horrific life experiences with few positive role models and are caught in a 'cycle of discouragement' that is very hard to break. Many of these young people end up in Out-of-Home Care and in some cases in the Youth Justice System.

For further information on WhiteLion or to get involved, please visit their website