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bwired Help FUSECO Launch the Largest Range of Fuse-Related Products Available Online

FUSECO is a company that specialises in the sourcing, stocking and supply of fuses and fuse-related products.

bwired have just helped FUSECO launch the world's largest online store for fuses and fuse-related products. The site is also the world's largest online repository of fuse-related information, with user manuals and specifications behind each of the 5,000 + products, and a comprehensive help section featuring an extensive list of frequently asked questions.

bwired's revolutionary website management platform coreDNA is the foundation for this capability. A credit to scalability, coreDNA allows FUSECO to continue to roll out product after product, without ever having to worry about capacity.

FUSECO's Product Catalogue also provides conversion tracking, enables stock control via email trigger, allows informed repositioning of products based on generated sales data and automatically creates customer invoices in PDF format upon completion processing.

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