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bwired Expresses Itself with The Mind Gallery

We recently had the pleasure of running a team building event with our client, The Mind Gallery. It was a fantastic experience which really helped us focus on the important stuff! We thought we'd share the artwork and the story behind it with you....


The picture is made up of four separate pieces, each which represents an underpinning theme and the values of the company. These are Customer Focus, Quality, Leadership and Accountability.

The team at bwired commit to living these values so they become a part of the organisation's culture, service ethos and technology (coreDNA); which drive business transformation for clients.

Each picture was inspired by an ordinary object...with the goal to create something interesting and artistically appealing out of the every day.

Customer Focus

A lamp was the inspiration for this theme.

"Our bright ideas provide solutions that light the way to give power to our clients to change their world".


A beautiful old Organ was the inspiration for the Quality theme.

The organ had obviously been around for many years and had stood the test of time, still being in a pristine condition. The notes and keys from the organ represent the constant and timelessness of music. Music represents warmth and trust.


An antique life ring was the inspiration for the leadership picture.

"Leadership keeps everyone afloat and upright. Symbolised by a life ring because it has to be supportive, reliable, dependable, inspiring confidence and trust. The different colours within the picture represent the different styles and approaches to leadership."


A plant was the inspiration behind the Accountability theme.

"Each element of the plant relies on another element - for life the plant is reliant on the sun, water, and rain. The leaves are reliant on the stem and root system." The plant also represented ideas around the benefits of accountability to each other - organic growth, evolution, striving, strength.