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BRW Features Kirk Food and bwired Finding Smart Ways to Make Money Online

The corporate world is increasingly turning to the web to boost business, and we know why. This week's BRW features a case study on one of our clients, Kirk Food, detailing how their website has helped them and why they are focusing on website strategy "to double business without having to deploy extra resources or find more staff".

Kirk Food told BRW their website has boosted regular site traffic and improved operational efficiency through greater interactivity, increased functionality and integration with their in-house systems.

bwired has helped hundreds of brands succeed online by providing the benefits of over a decade of experience in website strategy. Website strategy is the key to efficiently and effectively communicating with your target audience, and as our CEO Sam Saltis told BRW, "adopting a strategic approach to web-based marketing is not only cost-effective, it's often cheaper".