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Apple TV - Is there any truth to the rumors?

For a while now, it’s been speculated Apple are working on a new set top box and physical Apple TV. Now, more so, with the release of the new iPhone almost upon us, Apple seems to be the brand on everyone’s mind

So what’s the latest on the rumours/reports?

Firstly, there’s been a lot of talk in the tech world surrounding negotiations between Apple and Pay-TV service providers. As the reasons for these negotiations appear to be based on securing content deals, evidently this has led to suspicions.

Apple has also recently purchased and, shut down Matcha, a well performing video discovery application.  Matcha allows for comprehensive listings of cable TV programming as well streaming of titles available on Netflix and Amazon. The other prevailing benefit of the Matcha app is it allows for users to create a video cue of the preferred movies or tv shows as well as social media sharing recommendations. Matcha’s TV technology naturally would be a perfect fit for Apple’s TV product which makes it tempting to jump to conclusions.

As we’re still in August, perhaps the rumors will be set straight just in time for Christmas? What are your thoughts?