Digital Marketing Strategy

Acquisition-based digital marketing to put you in front of the right prospects at the right moment in time

We adopt a data driven and highly tailored approach to your business objectives to derive solutions including:

Analytics and Reporting

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We will create customized dashboards to provide you and your key stakeholders with important website metrics in a single view and updated in real time so you can make critical business decisions. Receive a monthly snapshot of your key website and marketing performance metrics along with strategic insights to enable you to optimise your platforms and campaigns.

User Interaction Optimisation

Customer expectations online are constantly changing. Always be taking on user feedback and improving your offering by assessing what is actually happening on your website or digital platforms. Incorporating user session recordings and heat maps of real interactions on your website, we analyse typical user journeys to recommend tweaks and enhancements. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Staying atop Google or Bing search pages is an ongoing challenge but the qualified traffic is worth the effort. We monitor and amend the key on and off page influencing factors to maintain your organic search presence (SEO). Augment your SEO strategy by targeting keyword gaps via paid search marketing (SEM) and achieve even greater presence in Google or Bing search results driving more qualified traffic, leads or sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is now a “pay to play” environment. Amplify your editorial, video, infographic or image based content via advertising to a highly targeted audience in social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram profile data. Increase your brand awareness and grow targeted site traffic.

Content Strategy

Content Marketing has become a buzz phrase as brands scurry to become news publishers. But most are doing it without a plan. We’ll help you take a strategic approach to creating editorial & visual content so you can be consistent and relevant in your approach to social media channels and blogging. 

Email Marketing

Email is the "little stayer" of digital marketing tactics. Whether you are considering a consistent ongoing e-newsletter or a campaign to drive business or brand engagement objectives, we help you build creative email templates right through to the tricky process of delivering that email to your intended recipients and avoiding the SPAM filters along the way.