Jan 16, 2014

Top Tips for Social Media in 2014

Social media has become a required tool for organisations, but the effectiveness of social is often overwhelmed by the ineffectiveness of poor planning, mismanagement and just a lack of knowledge.

If you want to get your business involved in social media in 2014, or just ramp up your efforts and improve your outcomes, you have to start planning today.

Tips for Social Media in 2014

Think Before You Share.

With an ever-growing list of social networks and social marketing strategies, it is becoming harder to be heard amongst the noise when it comes to the web. Advertorials – those ads that appear as editorial content in social media feeds, news websites, email marketing messages, and more – are on the rise. Marketers must be prepared with messages that are both VALUABLE and RELEVANT. This goes for Facebook posts, tweets, or paid social media posts. How can you grab the attention of the average social media user who is quickly browsing his feed and get him to act? You have to do more than push your name out there; you have to craft a social media marketing strategy with purpose.

Don’t Neglect Mobile.

Smartphone use continues to grow along with other mobile devices, like tablets. And mobile users are no longer only individuals who are on the train commuting to work or walking down the street – they could be parked on the couch or in bed (let’s face it – we use our devices everywhere). With so many screen sizes and situations that the average customer can be coming from, mobile strategy must be bigger. This means responsive design – that is, a website with an adaptive design that can be used (and looks great) across all types of devices – or a separate mobile site, if necessary. This means thinking about how your customers are interacting with your social networks on their mobile devices in all types of situations, and making sure you have an online experience that matches with those situations. Make social sharing from your website, mobile site or app easy from mobile devices, and also make it easy to find your social networks from these web resources.  

Speak Up with Blogging and Fresh Content.

I may be biased, but blogging is far from dead for us at bwired. And it shouldn’t be neglected by your business, either. Blogging provides a great avenue for original content (hello, SEO) and valuable information that will keep customers returning to your website and social networks. Be a thought leader in your industry, show off the hard work you did for a client, or write a short commentary on a big piece of news that is relevant to your company. There are many options!

A common problem post-social network launch is a lack of valuable content to share. An organisation with a blog has a fresh asset to share socially and to draw new and existing users to their online resources. And it also brings users back to your website – an online asset that your organisation actually owns (the same can’t be said of your social media accounts).

Be Visual.

Images and video are an essential part of social media. In 2014, think about how you can add better images and, if you have the resources, helpful video to your website and social networks. Large images are begging to be shared and also grab attention. Social networks like Facebook and Google+ just look better with many images, not to mention the image-heavy sites like Pinterest and Instagram. In 2013 we had Vine and Instagram video, and who knows what the next social networks of 2014 will be, or what new changes will be rolled out on Twitter or Facebook.

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Image source: Project Socialize

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