Oct 28, 2015

Set up Goals in Google Analytics

Setting up goals in Google Analytics is helpful as it can help you to measure (and then achieve) your marketing goals. Goal tracking is easy to implement and is key in analyzing the performance of different areas of your website. You can use goal tracking to oversee things such as newsletter campaigns, sign-ups, and sales. 

Step 1. In Google Analytics, click Admin from the top menu

Click Admin from the top menu

Step 2. On the far right hand side under “All Web Site Data” select “Goals”

On the far right hand site under All Web Site Data, select Goals

Step 3. After clicking on the “Create a new goal’ icon, you are then prompted to set up your goal by either selecting a template or a custom design.

Choose a template or custom design

Step 4. Name your goal something that describes it so it’s easier to find later. Then select the “Type” which in the case of newsletter signups is “destination”. We use this because we know that when people sign up to the newsletter, they end up at the www.mywebsite.com/thanks.html page.

Name your goal something descriptive for later

Step 5. Next enter the goal details. Given we chose the option of “destination” here is where the URL destination is entered. 

Enter the goal details

Step 6. Select “Save” to verify your goal. Selecting the “verify your goal” link will also let you know if your newly entered goal has happened in the last 7 days. 


Step 7. Your goal should be set up! To track your goal information, view the Conversions > Goals option from the main Analytics menu. 

Tracking your goals

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