Nov 21, 2016

[VIDEO] How to Set Up Custom Alert in Google Analytics


1. Select the Reporting tab.
2. Navigate to any one of the Intelligence Events reports (Overview, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Events).
3. Below the bar graph, in the Custom Alerts field, click Create a Custom Alert.
4. Alert name: Enter a name for the alert. 

Apply to: Select the reporting views to which you want to apply the alert. 

Period: Select the frequency at which the alert can be generated (Day, Week, Month). A daily alert is based on daily changes in traffic/behavior; weekly and monthly alerts are based on week to week and month to month changes, respectively. 

Send me an email when this alert triggers: Select this checkbox if you want to receive an email when the alert is generated. If you want other people to also receive email, open the other email addresses menu, click Add new email address, enter the address and label, then click OK. The From address for the alert is 

Alert Conditions:

  • This applies to: Select the dimension to which the alert applies.
  • Alert me when: Select the metric to which the alert applies, the condition that generates the alerts (e.g., Is less than, Is greater than), and enter the value for the condition (e.g., Is less than 20).

5. Click Create Alert.

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