Nov 21, 2016

[VIDEO] How to Configure Custom Dashboards in Google Analytics


Step by Step Instructions on How to Configure Custom Dashboards in Google Analytics

  1. Select the Reporting tab.
  2. Select Dashboards.
  3. Click +New Dashboard or simply edit default Google Analytics dashboard
  4. If you choose the former: In the Create Dashboard dialog, select either Blank Canvas (no widgets) or Starter Dashboard (default set of widgets).
  5. If you choose the later: Click '+Add Widget'
  6. Name your Widget
  7. Select your metrics and dimensions
  8. Click 'Save'


How to Schedule the Dashboard to be Emailed To You

  1. Select 'Email'
  2. Enter the recipient (you can insert more recepients with a comma)
  3. Enter a subject, and select the attachment format and frequency.
  4. If you selected a frequency other than "Once" in the previous step, click ADVANCED OPTIONS and select an Active for period. For example, if you selected "Daily" in the previous step, and an Active for period of "1 month", the email will be sent daily for a period of one month.
  5. Use the text field to enter the body of your email.
  6. Click Send.

A Dashboard can have one or more instances of the following kinds of widgets:

  • Metric: displays a simple numeric representation of a single selected metric.
  • Timeline: displays a graph of the selected metric over time. You can compare this to a secondary metric.
  • Geomap: displays a map of the selected region, with the specified metric plotted on the map. Hover over the map to see the actual metric values.
  • Table: displays up to 2 metrics describing the selected dimension, laid out in a tabular format.
  • Pie: displays a pie chart of the selected metric grouped by a dimension. Mouse over a slice to see the specific metric values.
  • Bar: displays a bar chart of the selected metric grouped by up to 2 dimensions. Mouse over a slice to see the specific metric values.


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