Nov 20, 2015

9 Actionable Holiday Marketing Tips That Go Beyond The Holidays [With Examples]

With the holidays just around the corner, companies are head-banging left and right to come up with marketing ideas to push their sales.

According to the most recent report, Australians spent around $45 billion last year, with each spent $2,500 (on average), 6 weeks leading up to Christmas.

Yes, that's billion with a capital B. This year, that figure is expected to rise.

So how can your business have a slice of the pie?

It's all about the marketing. The right marketing, that is.

Don't you worry, we've come up with 9 holiday marketing ideas that you can use right away.


Stalk past purchases

The internet is filled with personalised offers.

Did you just check that item on Amazon? Guess what, the next time you're on Amazon, you'll see a bunch of "Today’s Recommendations For You" items.

"But, we're not Amazon. How are we supposed to do that?"

We hear you.

Here's a simple personalised marketing tactic you can do:

Send them a personalised offer based on past purchases.

For example:

Let's say you're selling outdoor furniture, and you notice that customers who previously bought patio dining furniture are more likely to buy BBQ sets in the future.

In that case, you can send out a personalised offer for that product - in this case patio dining furniture.

You can do this for every products and service. Segment each of your products/services into different lists, and keep track of common occurrences for each.

From $0 to $100,000 in 6 months

That's how much revenue Wet Shave Club was able to generate by running contests.

Running regular contests, along with awesome products, is what makes it possible to hit that ridiculous number.

Let's talk about numbers:
- 6027 actions from 11934 impressions or 0.5 actions per unique impression
- 2000+ new email subscribers.
- 743 new engaged Facebook fans
- 500+ new Twitter followers
- 400+ new followers with 50+ photos submitted

How can you replicate their success?

Make it easy for people to enter the contest.

Don't want to give your email address? No worries, here's a Facebook entry.

No Facebook account? Not a problem. How about you Tweet this contest, follow us or mention us.

No Twitter account? Why don't you share our picture on Instagram instead?

An easy way to do this is to use a tool called:

They are an Australian- based company. Show them some love :)

Have a compelling prize

We're not talking about an iPhone 6s, Macbook air, Samsung LCD TV, etc.

If you give out generic prizes, you'll get generic leads.

Think about what your target audience wants.

If you're a food blogger, a kitchen knife set would be a great prize to win. If you sell health and fitness products, a tub of protein powder would be a great prize to win. You get the idea.

Here's another twist that made the Wet Shave Club contest was so successful….

They offered a 'consolation' prize.


Congratulations to our contest winners listed here! If you didn't win you can use discount code "RunnerUp" for 10% off at

Posted by Wet Shave Club on Monday, September 15, 2014


Wet Shave Club managed to pick up an extra 20 customers from this tactic alone. Imagine the lifetime value this tactic would bring in.

Participate in the festivities

You know it's almost the holidays when Myer, David Jones, Target and Big W start putting up Christmas trees and playing Christmas carols on repeat.

It simply adds that extra oomph and has a 'feel-good' factor. 

But did you know that we spend more on flowers when romantic music is playing?

Did you also know that slow-tempo music in restaurants makes us linger, which leads to us ordering more food (and drinks)

How can you apply this 'feel good' factor to your online presence?

Simple -  change your online properties (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to reflect the festive season.

Seasonal deals email marketing campaign

Daily/weekly deal websites are still big news. 

With sites like Scoopon, Catch of the Day, and Grocery Run dominating the deals/coupons industry, you can bet it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

So, how can you can you integrate this into your marketing strategy?

Run an email marketing campaign. 

Ecommerce sites like The Iconic and ASOS are the masters of 'seasonal deals'. 

Spring is about to end? 

"Up to 70% off - Sale just got game"

"Final call for sale - ASOS"

"Early access! Up to 60% off summer styles"

Those are just some headlines that ASOS use to push their Australian subscribers to get ready for summer.

You can also see how they are continuously sending me an email every week or so.

You can also bet that the offers are personalised based on my past orders. 

This image got 5000 shares on a post with less than 100 words

You know the saying; “A picture is worth a thousand words”. 

That statement is so true, especially in the online space.

Tweets with images received 150% more retweets

So how can you utilise this?

Find a popular topic around holiday time in your industry and give it a new insight or clarity.

With tools like Canva, Pablo, Over,, etc. creating images is getting easier by the minute. 

Here's an example from User Onboarding page. That page has less than 100 words on it, but it was able to generate more than 5000 shares!

Features over benefits is not a new concept, but they sure give it a new clarity on that issue.

As Gregory Ciotti said,

“The most important thing is that you creatively capture the concept in a visual”. 

Ready. Set. Action.

What better way to sell more products or get more customers than by showcasing your product in action around holiday season?

If you sell BBQ equipment, you could create mini video series on different meals you could create on the BBQ.

PRO TIP: You could even gather your users’ email addresses in exchange for the exact ingredients you use in the video series. We call this a “Content Upgrade”.


100,000 to 4,000,000 users in 15 months: The power of referral marketing

Want to know the best marketing program of all time?

Referral marketing.

That’s how Dropbox grew from 100,000 to 4,000,000 users in 15 months. That’s doubling their users every 3 months!

That’s also how Harry’s, a men’s grooming brand, gathered 100,000 email addresses BEFORE they launched.

Fortunately, referral marketing CAN and SHOULD be engineered.


By creating a ‘Viral Loop’.

As Andrew Chen, from the Supply Growth Team at Uber, put it:

“Viral Loop is basically the steps a user goes through between entering the site to inviting the next set of new users.”

To put it simply, when a user signs up or buys from your site, they get a referral link to invite their friends to your site (you might want to incentivise the effort by giving them something in return).

Their friends then get an email with their referral link, their friends then go to your site, sign up or buy, get their own referral link, and the cycle continues.

How can you engineer this “Viral Loop”?

Thankfully, there are already a lot of great tools to engineer this process. 

- Referral Candy
- Referral SaaSquatch
- Untorch
- Kickoff Labs

Piggyback an influencer’s network and increase brand awareness with an exclusive event

Nothing screams “come shop here” like an exclusive holiday event.

But we’re not just talking about creating regular events. 

We’re talking about creating an event specifically for your industry influencers. 

Why? Because you want your event to be exclusive and it has the potential to go viral.

For example:

You run a women’s fashion store. As part of your holiday marketing campaign, you want to create an event where you invite (or hire) well-known fashion bloggers to be the judge of your in-store style challenge where guests create an outfit of items from the store and post photos of their outfits on Instagram with branded hashtags.

Reaching influencers audience, checked.

Hashtags go viral (brand awareness), checked.


Philanthropy: The future of marketing

Here’s what Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, said during small-business conference Sage Summit in Las Vegas:

“The future of marketing is philanthropy, and people are attracted to meaning these days”

Think about it for a second. If you genuinely (and that’s the key word) wanted to make your community a better place, wouldn’t people be attracted to you and start mentioning you on blogs, press, and social media? 

Of course they would.

PRO TIP: Choose your cause carefully. It should reflect your company’s mission and values. 

Another thing with supporting a cause is, that this is likely to attract a certain type of customer. Do you want that type of customer to be part of your brand?

So, there you have it, 9 actionable holiday marketing strategies that go beyond holidays. Best of the season to you! 


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