Jul 1, 2016

5 Examples of Killer Digital Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You (With ROI)

We’re halfway through 2016 and content marketing is still a big deal.

In fact, it may be a bigger deal than ever.

Most well-known brands have joined the bandwagon and are leveraging content marketing strategies to garner the attention of their desired customer.

The most effective B2B content marketers allocate a larger portion of their budget to content marketing: 42% of their total budget, compared to 28% for less-effective marketers. - Source

There are plenty doing a so-so job at this, but several who have managed to successfully enthrall their audiences. These brands are not just entertaining us but achieving ROI along the way.

Content Marketing Examples #1: Get Response - Showing you the influencer way

Content Marketing Examples - Get Response

Boasting 350,000 customers in 182 countries and engaging more than 1 billion subscribers each month, Get Response must be getting a few things right.

They have a standard content marketing arsenal in place: a well-maintained and super informative blog with new posts being published every single day, free trial banners in all the right places for maximum exposure and signups, and a ton of lead magnet email courses urging you to sign up.

But, there has to be something more that gives them an edge over their rivals. Say hello to one of the finest examples of influencer marketing you'll find on the web.

Content Marketing Examples - Get Response - Neil Patel

Get Response gathered the most raving testimonials they could find, crafted full page case studies by industry experts and influencers, and sprinkled them strategically throughout their website

And if that were not enough, these case studies are reinforced by video testimonials to really clinch the deal. 

Content Marketing Examples - Get Response - Testimonials

Key Takeaway: Convincing your customers takes a lot more than just describing the benefits. Especially if you’re part of a very saturated market. Focus on getting case studies and testimonials from happy customers and clients and use them strategically on your website. Offer your services for free to the biggest influencers in your niche to get their testimonials. 

And if you can film those influencers boasting about your service or product offer or convince them to create their own video testimonial for you, then that really is the icing on your profit cake.


Content Marketing Examples #2: Kraft Foods - Secret Sauce to quadrupling your ROI

“We used to want to be perfect, and then we discovered that perfect was the enemy of speed, so the question is how much money and how much time should you spend on any given piece of content, and what is the role of execution” - Julie Fleischer, Former Director of Media and Consumer Engagement at Kraft Foods.

Kraft food doesn’t blindly follow popular trends and strategies; it creates its own, backed by a huge volume of first party data collected from real user interactions.

By tracking over 22,000 various attributes based on engagement and behavior with their content, Kraft is not guessing the sort of content its audience wants to engage with.

The trends they identify keep them on top of ever-changing developments in digital behaviour and they are able to target their audiences based on these. 

Brilliant use of multichannel content marketing is the secret recipe to achieving 1.1 billion impressions a year and a four times better return on investment than advertising

They have an entertaining and informative blog where you can surf through recipes and purchase ingredients that strike your fancy. With gorgeous imagery and clever topics covered, it’s a foodie’s digital heaven.

Content Marketing Examples - Kraft Recipes

And that’s not it.

They have replicated this blog's style and substance across all key social media to ensure that if you are their target audience, you don't miss them. From Facebook to YouTube, you’ll find Kraft Foods everywhere.

Suffice it to say, Kraft Foods has done an excellent job at figuring out what their audience wants through data collection and backed it up with exceptional results. 

Key Takeaway: Do your own research about your audience, and invest in targeting your message to the interests of that audience rather than promoting a generic message to the mass market. 


Content Marketing Examples #3: Xerox - Blinding the digital world with new-found optimism

Xerox broke through the pack by bringing optimism to a world full of problems. Their content marketing strategy mainly consisted of their ‘Get Optimistic’ campaign, a campaign targeted at 30 of their top accounts. 

The insight behind this was that optimism is a smart business strategy and Xerox had a wealth of valuable stories from their vast customer base on how organisations have used optimism and confidence to achieve great things. 

The campaign involved:

  • Bi-weekly emails which drove prospects to a microsite with tailored content to their industry
  • Emails followed by telephone calls to invite prospects to webinars and events
  • Creation of the ‘Chief Optimist’ magazine in partnership with respected and renowned publisher Forbes

Content Marketing Examples - Xerox

The results? 

More than 70% of companies targeted interacted with the microsite and readership increased 300-400% over previous email campaigns.

By the time the campaign ended, Xerox added 20,000 new contacts, created 1,000+ scheduled appointments and generated $1.3 billion in revenue

Key Takeaway: Provide your audience with positive solutions. Our communication channels are pulsating with problems, so optimism and solutions will deliver cut through. 


Content Marketing Examples #4: Optum - Quality content comes first

Karen Thomas-Smith, VP of Provider Marketing and Reference Management at Optum had the challenge to educate the healthcare industry about the significance of healthcare analytics. So Thomas-Smith and her team went down the content marketing route.

This was no ordinary campaign. It incorporated several digital channels and was a huge success.

Content Marketing Examples - Optum

"The real business need for this particular campaign was educating the market to something new to them and the power of it," Thomas-Smith said.

The team focused on creating quality content instead of developing a brand new strategy. This content would provide their industry with much-needed information. They decided that once they had quality content in place, they’d build a campaign around it. 

They created 1,000 pieces of content over a mere 18 months, including:

  • an eBook, 
  • infographics, 
  • videos, 
  • white papers, 
  • articles, 
  • podcasts, 
  • emails, 
  • direct mail. 

Were they successful? Absolutely!

This campaign led to 8500 downloads, nine million impressions of their integrated campaign, and a range of other results that exceeded Optum’s goals by a whopping 250%. Pretty incredible, don’t you think?

Key Takeaway: Focus on building quality content that solves actual problems. That’s the first step in winning your audience. 


Content Marketing Examples #5: Blackbaud - Making it easy for audience to interact

Blackbaud, a leading provider of nonprofit software and services developed a content marketing campaign aimed at showing their audience the benefits of their Blackbaud University training offering. This content marketing campaign included,

  • Webinars
  • Uberflip
  • Case studies
  • Infographics,
  • Tipsheets
  • Videos


Content Marketing Examples - Blackbaud University

According to the official SnapApp website, “The interactive approach gives prospects a way to visualise how they would benefit from training and even ‘try on’ their peers’ results for size by applying them to their own organizations.”

This campaign resulted in 52% click through rate on their microsite and 200 qualified leads for their sales process.  

Key Takeaway: Find a way to interact with your audience and get them to experience your offering firsthand. Consider interactive content as a way to promote your offering. 

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