Feb 25, 2016

4 Quick Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

Conversions don’t just apply to eCommerce retailers that are looking to convert browsers into buyers.

Conversions are important to any organisation looking to make browsers into members, or newsletter subscribers, or event attendees – whatever their goals are, conversions are essential because they help push those browsers down the marketing funnel.

And of course, something this important isn’t going to be solved with a magic bullet; small changes and continuous improvements make the biggest difference.

UPDATE: 11 Supermarket Tricks You Can Use To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate


Improve Conversion Rates Tip #1: One Step at a Time

Look at each step of your marketing funnel to see what needs your attention the most. Are users leaving the site on your landing page? (Do you even have a landing page?)

Are they unsubscribing from emails in big numbers?

Are they abandoning a shopping cart or registration page? 

Are they buying once but not returning?

By breaking up the marketing funnel and examining the nitty-gritty details, you’ll have a better idea of where your attention should be focused (e.g. Email marketing, improving your online checkout, improving website navigation, following up with existing customers more effectively).


Improve Conversion Rates Tip #2: Focus on the Right Metrics

There is no list of correct metrics that will work for every company because the right metrics will depend on your particular marketing goals and business strategy.

And you only need to look at Google Analytics to see just how many different measurements you can comb through – demographics, traffic, page views, unique visitors, referrals, keywords, social – the list goes on! Don’t get overwhelmed.

Choose specific metrics that are closely connected to your overall marketing goal. Spreading yourself too thin and focusing on too many areas will waste your time, and you won’t have the information you need to make improvements to your overall strategy.

UPDATE: 11 Supermarket Tricks You Can Use To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate


Improve Conversion Rates Tip #3: A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to try out different colors, images, buttons, messaging and layout of a particular online asset (e.g. Email, landing page, homepage, eCommerce checkout page).

Show version A to one audience, and version B to another, and see which is more effective. Making even the smallest change to a web page, like changing the color and size of an “Add to Cart” button, can make a real difference.

Some helpful areas to try A/B testing out on include:

  • Calls to action
  • Buttons (e.g. Add to Basket; Subscribe; Get Started Now)
  • Layout and navigation
  • Images
  • Marketing message and offers

A/B testing is particularly helpful to measure and refine an ongoing campaign because it offers actionable data. Launch two different versions and see which is more effective during AND after the campaign, and make the necessary adjustments.


Improve Conversion Rates Tip #4: Learn and Refine

To effectively and continuously improve your website performance, you must be willing to learn along the way and remain flexible.

Don’t continue to throw resources at a failing strategy; if you’ve been targeting an audience and they just aren’t converting, do something different!

The web is a fantastic business channel because it allows you to quickly adjust and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

UPDATE: 11 Supermarket Tricks You Can Use To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

If you’re looking for advice around your marketing strategy, or specific ways to improve your conversion rate, get in touch with the bwired team.

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