Dec 27, 2013

2013 Predictions Review

Another year is about to close. The years seem to flow faster the older I get. This year has seen ongoing change and innovation. While our business turns 14 years old in 2014, it seems the pace of change is relentless. New business models, changes in the way people work and new ways to connect with your visitors are all part of what we saw in 2013.

Mobile and Business- The explosive growth for smartphones continues. Developers are finding new and innovative ways to improve the customer experience. Wearable technology finally made a breakthrough to mixed reviews, the future is however there and many are now introducing new healthcare devices that will monitor your vital signs and connect you to Health practioners. Strategically making everything mobile friendly and accessible is an imperative.

Location based, personalised information is still has the privacy hurdle to overcome, although changes in analytics are making it easier for administrators to connect one to one with visitors.

One Site for Mobile and Desktop - As predicted, Responsive and adaptive design became the norm in 2013. Designers focused on creating websites that work on all devices. The debate continues on the need for mobile applications for the phone. Strategically, if you need to deliver a user experience that cant be delivered through the mobile browser or you need to access information on the mobile then there is a case for mobile apps. The days of owning mobile phone app real estate are over.

eCommerce - Australian online purchases grew 46.2% between 2011 and 2013. ecommerce is now an essential part of the retail mix, retailers need to work on the sales channels and ensure that effort is placed in the online. Strategies include, community development, campaign management and sales campaigns. The recent changes in the currency, will have an impact of overseas purchasing.

Cross-Channel Marketing - We Can’t Put Down Our portable devices. Always connected is the norm, checking your social media, sending emails while on the run, finding ways to communicate quickly and cheaply. 2013 saw many companies introduce new ways to market to visitors and target markets.

Analytics and big data have helped companies find ways to reach out to their markets, provide value exchanges and improve engagement. The Internet of things is just around the corner, where devices will become part of our everyday lives.

Content was King - 2013 will be far the year of quality content. Google changed the game with updates to the search engine to look and reward quality content. Social media found ways to distribute content, Snapchats, Tumblr to name a few found success in the ability to distribute content to communities. Marketers now need to find a way to create engagement with content.

The emergence of Native Advertising as a mechanism where advertisers provide content in the context of the user to create engagement. 

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