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Over years of experience in the online environment and thousands of successful launches we have developed and fine-tuned our strategic implementation model called RISE.

RISE stands for Research, Image and Branding, Sales, Operational Efficiency. It is an implementation methodology which attempts to maximise return on investment for any digital build. The model has been used to deploy websites, microsites, intranets mobile applications and social media engagements. It attempts to identify the right customer segments, the needs of those segments and the key performance indications required to achieve measurable results.

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RISE is a process that is undertaken in collaboration with our clients, it begins with the interpretation of business goals and objectives for specific target segments. Key stakeholders and target segments are mapped to these goals and objectives against the four elements of the model.

RISE is a robust, tested, experience-fed model, built around business language rather than web jargon. This ensures clear strategic direction and common understanding you and us. Using this collaborative process also bridges the knowledge gap that may exist between business and the key project stakeholders.

The RISE components:


The first step to determining clear strategic direction is through research. We understand that websites require user interaction and users are generally motivated to view and click on elements they find of interest to them. By capturing their movements and motivators, we can work with you to gain a valuable insight into user behaviour, which can translate into knowing your target audience and being able to provide targeted products and offers.

Additionally, by using direct research where appropriate (eg. polls or surveys) we can also achieve effective & clear answers, as well as personalisation of the website for even more effective targeting.

We start by discovering preliminary data about your audience and your website and then use this as a benchmark for comparison against competitors. This information is further used to set targets and KPIs as well as laying the foundation for a reporting model.

Through the use of our own platform, coreDNA, bwired websites can learn about the user, and personalise offers and information to maximise business benefits.

Image & Branding

This component has traditionally been the main driver of websites. It's all about communication of products and their benefits.

This is crucial in driving brand awareness and keeping it top of mind of your audience. In order for us to wow you with what can be achieved online, we need you to maintain control of this area of the model.

During the RISE session we will look at the visual brand language of your business. We will discuss with you what is important to your business and explore the values that you set out. Additionally, various aspects of your audience will be discussed. These will include, who your audience is, what is important to them, what do they want and what are they seeking. From this information the language set can be defined.


In this component of the RISE model, we look at the various elements of the sales process in your business and examine where an increase in sales could be achieved through online strategy.

We will discuss with you how you measure success, what outcomes or numbers in sales matter to you and what your current processes are for generating sales (eg. if they are through channel sales, direct or other means).

We believe in a fully integrated process so we'll start by looking at what's working for you and why coupled with what's not working and how this could be improved.

From looking at your success measures and the sales outcomes that matter to you, we'll work with you to define your target and engagement objectives.

Additionally, to maximise personalisation, we'll also show you how to use this data to research target customers through offers, newsletters and social media campaigns

Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency of your website is considered by a vast majority of people as the most important function.

In this component we look at the effectiveness of your website from an operational perspective and examine key points around resourcing and schedule.

We'll look at the tools that may be best suited to your business for automation and data gathering such as key reports, Intranets, email, events/bookings or job advertisements. From this, we'll examine the resourcing requirements (both internal and external) that you may need to consider for implementing these tools.

In this area of RISE, it's about future proofing your online presence, understanding the scale of what you're wanting to achieve and ensuring that all parts integrate seamlessly. This component is inextricably linked with the first 3 components of the RISE model and acts a springboard for defining what the next steps in your online strategy will be.

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