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A key challenge facing non-profit organisations is managing communication systems, both internally between staff and externally with stakeholders. The larger the organisation, the more complex this issue becomes. Another major factor affecting the not-for-profit sector is funding. Few can afford expensive commercial websites. The challenge is to find ways of allocating the relatively scarce resources of the organisation to optimise return on investment and provide maximum benefit to key stakeholders.

bwired's website management platform, coreDNA, allows administrators to manage website content without the need for technical web expertise. This reduces the overall cost of website ownership and is valuable to organisations with more human than fiscal resources available. With a range of interactive tools that engage target audiences and support fundraising activities, our integrated applications provide maximum ROI.

Most not-for-profits are human resource rich and cash poor. coreDNA enables you to make the most of your greatest asset: people.  The coreDNA content management editor allows you to easily manage your own website. The scale of your website is only limited by the imagination and time your staff have available to invest in it. This system allows you to manage your web presence at a much lower cost without constant interaction with third parties.

coreDNA also allows your team to clear the communication hurdle. Information can be easily shared with staff and stakeholders in a more efficient way using our communication based modules.

Furthermore, our modular design means you can add functionality over time. This eliminates the need for a large upfront investment. Organisations can purchase additional modules to expand their website functionality as more funding becomes available.