Dec 30, 2011

2012 Web Strategy Predictions Part 2

The first part of our 2012 predictions had a strong bend towards the social media predictions for 2012 for predictions one through five. In part 2 we focus on some of the other areas of the 2012 predictions.

6. Listening Tools Will Shine
An online presence now spans more websites, social media platforms and online locations than ever before, both inside and outside an organisation's control, and 2011 featured many clear cases where brands were badly damaged.

2012 will be a year for ‘listening post’ and monitoring (including analytics) tools and their integration into business online communications, CRM, IT and management. Business will look for better ways to understand what customers will need, how they feel and what they are saying about the brand across many channels. When they engage with their customers, individual information will be available to assist with profiling and understanding each customer. Initially there will be  a proliferation of these tools as the software builders see opportunity. Late in 2012 leaders in this space will then emerge.

7. Cloud – not will we or won’t we, but HOW
“The discussion of if the "Cloud" is a good idea, or if we are "going to the cloud" has been replaced with how we are going to the cloud and what if anything should stay in house. The fact is that doing otherwise is rapidly becoming unsustainable.” (CMS Wire)

However, this move into the cloud also involves many traps that need to be negotiated. In 2012 companies will continue to make mistakes with cloud computing and find themselves offline or worse with lost customer information. Cloud providers will emerge with strong service level agreements and clear product standards, buyers will insist on higher service levels, with 2012 see the first 100% uptime providers who scale their infrastructure across multiple geographies and provide multiple redundant links.

8. Online Security
In the next 12 months, every organisation is a potential victim of cyber crime. Companies will insist on security standards for their websites and website owners will need to ensure they take appropriate precautions for their data and website security using tools and internal controls.

9. Welcome the Smart Shopper
Deal sites made themselves felt over 2010-11, and in the coming year deal sites will cater more and more for the smart shopper. Shoppers will find many ways to engage with retailers to get the best deal. Using web, mobile and location-based systems to receive offers, companies will help shoppers “hunt" deals. The retailers will use a variety of tools for predictive selling and to allow them to focus on the right type of customer. Customers will also share more about themselves with retailers to help with the matching of products and services.

10. Native vs Web Apps: Let's get ready to rumble
2011 was a landmark year that saw the passing of both Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. In their place came the rise of the native apps built around the two waring mobile operating systems iOS and Android. To make things exciting HTML5 and CSS3 have added a new technology to shake the Native App market. What is assured is that the “World Wide Wait” is over and that the consumer experience will be dramatically improved. Business will have to create “engagement systems” that are Cross Platform and Cross Channel allowing for content to be consumed in whatever way the consumer dictates.

We hope you found our predictions interesting - if not, what did we miss? Comment below, or send a tweet @bwired_group.

All the best for a successful 2012!

The bwired team

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