Nov 25, 2010

Social media or search engines - how to get content to customers

Social media sources like Facebook and Twitter allows users to access information in helpful ways, especially information they may not have searched for themselves. While these outlets come with large audiences they can fail to provide the best strategy for getting content to those who need it.

One new development in this area is the new partnership between Facebook and Bing to integrate social media and search results in order to provide a more personal approach to searching on the web by including Facebook "like" information in Bing search results. The results are supposed to reflect the preferences of friends and social contacts rather than impersonal results on Google and other search engines, and help users search for the information they need while also receiving positive feedback from Facebook "likes."

Many visitors are also finding websites through social media, such as links shared on Facebook, and this audience can be larger than those entering the site through search. These developments in social media arguably prevent publishers from loading up on keywords and allow them to focus on content instead.

While great content is always a first priority, getting this content to your audience is also essential, and the right search engine optimisation SEO strategy doesn't have to sacrifice quality content for keywords. Optimising your website based on function, design and usability allows professional SEO strategies to complement your business goals and objectives. Tools like link building, content creation, keywords, meta tags and heading tags will help your website form a strong online presence through time, effort and continually updating and editing content to keep it relevant.

Search engines continue to provide a helpful method for distributing your content to the people who want it, and SEO helps to make this content accessible to the masses. SEO allows businesses to increase their presence on the web in the form of improved website rankings, greater brand awareness, increased and high quality website traffic and more conversions. Despite the hype around social media, these will continue to be important factors for getting content to target audiences, and social media cannot compete with searches for direct questions that can be found through search engines.

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