Jul 3, 2012

Stop Looking at Facebook Data

It’s fairly safe to say that we’ve all been frustrated at one time or another with Facebook. The design changes, new Business pages, and seeing yet another post about what you’re co-worker’s kid ate for breakfast this morning.

We think that Facebook can play a role in your overall business strategy, but too often it can become a waste of time and resources if you obsess about the numbers.

Instead of picking apart the latest Facebook analytics and wondering exactly how many people really looked at your page, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Having X number of followers doesn’t mean much if the followers are hiding your updates on their news feed or not on the network to see the updates when you post them.

How do any of these numbers fit into your overall online strategy?

Forget about the ROI of likes. Put some effort into these more worthwhile areas of your online business and you’re likely to see benefits on more than just Facebook:

Measure traffic: Is Facebook driving traffic to your website? Measure that – no, not with Facebook analytics – and see how truly valuable the social network is for your business. With good analytics software and an online strategy that allows you to focus on particular sets of data, you can truly measure the success of your ENTIRE online presence, not just a singe piece.

Focus on creating great content instead of worrying about your Facebook engagement, the timing of posts and the statistics. Take the time to create awesome content and share it – good content will drive traffic from social media (and search!). Then you can start thinking about the strategic side of posting at what times, looking into which topics are most popular, and so on.

Think bigger: Facebook is one part of a much larger picture. Stop micromanaging your Facebook page and look at the larger objectives. Set goals for your Facebook presence – what do you want to achieve?

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