Apr 3, 2011

Google Adds Social to Search with +1 Button

Google has announced the release of +1 button, similar to Facebook's "like" button, which will allow Google users to recommend web pages to their friends and contacts, generating (in theory) relevant content based on "word of click". Your recommendations will then appear in search results with your name (i.e. Campbell Wilson +1'd this), and can be seen on your Google profile under its own tab (this can be made private or public).

But really...are people going to visit a website, like what they see, then go back to the search page just so they can click the +1 button? Luckily, Google is working on bringing the +1 button to pages so you can recommend sites without all the hassle, just like you'd share a page on Facebook or Twitter. The +1 button will also be added to ads.

So what could this mean for SEO and marketers? According to the Google AdWords blog,

"You don't have to make adjustments to your advertising strategy based on +1 buttons, and the way we calculate Quality Score isn't changing (though +1s will be one of many signals we use to calculate organic search ranking). Think of +1 buttons as an enhancement that can help already successful search campaigns perform even better."

If the +1 button takes off, marketers may look to bring their +1 count up, just as some people try to rack up Facebook "likes." Another possibility is that the +1 feature will make companies, their brands, and their advertising more accountable.

What do you think? Will the +1 button take off? Will you pay more attention to Facebook "likes" than +1's? Or do you get your recommendations from somewhere else?

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