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Jun 18, 2010

Apple's latest releases: iPhone 4.0 and iPad review

New technology is created every day, is ever changing and has so much to offer. In the last few years Apple has become a big player and competitor in the tech scene and has produced some amazing gadgets. Their independent internal technologies are what set them apart, as seen in the development of their OS (operating system) in their products like the iPhone and iPad. Apple is successful because they are seen as different, sleek, fresh and new.

There has been so much hype about Apple's new iPhone 4.0, with the prototype being leaked before the phone was released, this had Apple fuming and the media in a frenzy. Though this does beg the question- did Apple stage this? Was it all just a publicity stunt? Because it seems to be mysteriously convenient. There are many speculators, and even though I'd love believe that it was left by a drunken employee, just because it seems so stupid, is it so stupid that it is unbelievable?

The iPhone 4.0 promises to 'change everything again' by completely changing the design and by adding features that let you do things that the current iPhone 3G can't. There are many more features and better compatibility. This said, it is ultimately a phone that benefits you by having everything you need with you all the time just in your pocket.

Features of the new iPhone include Multitasking, 5-megapixel cameras with flash, two Cameras for Video Calling, HD Video Recording, Folders for your Apps, Tethering and so much more.

The iPhone 4.0 is an exciting new advancement and I think that it is definitely a phone to consider looking further into. There has been debate about the new design that it is too square- but I like it because it's different and new. It is one piece of technology that I would buy just to keep up with the Robinsons.

On the topic of Apple's new releases the iPad was released a few weeks ago.

As big as an A4 sheet of paper the iPad is portable, easy to use and offers what most other Apple products do. With 3G wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities that let you browse the internet whenever you want, and connection to the legendary Apps Store that has over 200,000 Apps to download it will keep you entertained for up to 10 hours on its battery life. The internet isn't its main feature but also has combined a gaming gadget, digital photo frame and e-book all into this one nifty little piece of technology. This is only one version of the many iPad's that are to come. New ones will most likely have integrated cameras, more multitasking abilities and HD output for maximum resolution.

Personally I don't see the point in buying an iPad when you have an iPhone and a computer. Laptops are becoming smaller and smaller and easily as portable as an iPad. They offer the same and are probably less inclined to break if you do drop them. Even though Apple are a major competitor there products aren't known for their durability. The iPad is fun but I think it's just a fad.

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