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  • Unfortunately for some there are site design/set up issues that can make it very difficult for the search engines to list your web pages no matter how well you optimize and submit them. Websites that are built in Flash, Frames and use Dynamic URL's, no matter how well you optimize them and submit them will not be listed as well as those that have minimal use of these functions.

    You may have heard that "content is king" and wondered if this is true. It is. Search engines do not recognise graphics or pictures, only written content. Write clear, concise, active, specific, personal, purposeful and relevant content based on your keyword strategy and always look to drive the reader forward.

  • An enhancement suggestions report will include suggestions for improvement regarding usability, functionality, design, conversions and SEO.

  • Setting up Google Analytics involves integrating the Google Analytics tracking code throughout all of the pages of your website and any marketing campaigns in order to track reach and usage and learn more about website visitors.

    Google Analytics provide detailed statistics and rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

  • Video promotions are videos, promoted in relevant websites and major video promotion websites like YouTube and Vimeo that explain the services of the website, or are part of a marketing campaign for the website.

  • Initial campaign creation and set up involves:

    • signing up with Google Adwords

    • selecting the targeted region and language for the ads * customers can be targeted by countries, regions, or by custom parameters you set yourself; and ads will be available to all users who have chosen the same language(s) you select

    • network selection

  • Conversion tracking in SEM involves analysis of the number of users and which steps they take towards set goals.

  • Yes, a complete sitemap is available for the administrators to facilitate the current virtual web site management.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • Any users of the bwired CMS can create a sub page directly from the current web page. They can also move pages and sub-pages in another part of the site. They can also copy any object of content, a page or a full section including several sub-pages in any other part of the web site.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.
  • bwired specialises in developing and implementing web based business strategies that generate return on investment. Our implementation methodology, RISE, ensures success in the online environment by building websites which achieve measurable results in the areas of Research, Image, Sales, and (operational) Efficiency. We take our clients through a staged approach to help build their business online, maintaining a close, collaborative relationship in order to deliver real returns to your business.

    To learn more about our strategic implementation and our own methodology, RISE, read our whitepaper, "Reinventing Business Processes Through Strategic Implementation," or call one of our strategy consultants on 1300 780 566.