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  • A T1 connection is one of the fastest speeds of broadband internet, it uses a fiber optic cable which allows faster downloads and internet connections. It is environmentally friendly and uses less power, though it does cost extra for that connection. 

  • Macromedia Flash is a technology that allows multimedia content such as animations, interactive forms, games and other features to be embedded in web pages.

  • Phishing is a term that is used to describe a scheme which an unscrupulous person uses to “fish e-mail” for personal information like social security numbers, passwords, credit card numbers and account information

  • A bounce rate is a percentage which indicates the number of visitors who exit your website from the same page they entered without clicking through to any other pages. A high bounce rate might be a result of a confusing user interface or low quality content.

  • The term mash-up refers to a web-based application created by hackers and programmers which allows the user to mix and and match data and applications from multiple sources into one dynamic entity.

  • Augmented reality (AR) mixes real-time video of the physical environment with virtual elements to overlay computer generated images onto the physical environment. The best way to wrap your head around AR it is to see it for yourself- check it out:

  • VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol (IP). VoIP allows you to transmit voice information in digital form over the internet via tools like Skype or Google Talk.

  • Viral marketing is a technique used for raising brand or product awareness, that involves creating a campaign that induces viewers to spread the marketing message on to other viewers. Viral marketing is often web-based, via sharing tools such as email and social networks like YouTube and Facebook

  • URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The URL of a website specifies where an identified resource is available and provides the mechanism for retrieving it (eg.

  • Meta data is the information contained in the header of your browser which provides information about the page you are visiting. For example right now yours should say "Meta Data-Techie Talk Translated--bwired". Meta data is contained within meta tags, a type of HTML tag.


  • SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO involves customising the content of your website so that it can be found in search engines like Google and displayed as high up as possible

  • A domain name is a string of numbers or letters separated by periods that identifies the address of a computer network connection and its owner (eg.

  • A program or tool (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) that enables users to view web pages. This term is often misunderstood to mean a search engine, like Google or Yahoo.

  • Bandwidth can refer to either:

    -the rate at which data can be transferred (a lower bandwidth internet connection will load data slowly)


    -the amount of data which can be transferred (before overage charges apply)

  • Is used on sites that record information like banking details for transactions.
    The extra ‘s’ on the end is part of the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) and this indicates that this page is ‘safe’.

  • Tumblr is a social networking site that lets you effortlessly share thoughts, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos; from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. Like many social media Tumblr also allows you to customise your profile.

    Tumblr allows companies to display images and video without committing to a full YouTube brand channel or regular blog. It often works best when dealing with single concept ideas.

  • ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. An ISDN allows for integrated voice, data, image and video services to be processed at high speeds over the digital telephone network at high speeds.

  • An FTP is a file transfer protocol. It allows you to transfer files between your computer and the internet

  • A website’s accessibility refers to how accessible it is to people with disabilities such as the visually impaired or the hearing impaired. Accessibility is particularly important for organisations providing information to these people, however should be considered when implementing any new website.

  • A server provides users with particular services such as access to the web, email, and FTP.
    It is essentially a system which allows data to be centralized and stored for access by multiple users.

  • Crowd Sourcing involves outsourcing work traditionally performed by employees or contractors to a group (crowd) of people (unpaid) online.

  • Cloud computing offers users scalable, virtualized resources over the internet as a service. Services include Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS). The name came about from the “cloud” that represents the internet in computer network diagrams.

  • The term blog is short for weblog- literally, a web log- an online journal posted on a website through which bloggers can share thoughts with the online community.

  • IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV is the system through which digital television is delivered. IPTV uses the architecture and networking methods of  internet access networks rather than traditional radio frequency broadcast, satellite signal, or cable television (CATV) formats to deliver live television, time-shifted programming, and content (or video) on demand.

  • Foursquare is a GPS location-based social networking tool that allows you to "check in" to destinations and publish your whereabouts on your social network's news feed. Members are awarded status for the number of times they check in to a particular destination, and businesses often capitalise on this for marketing and promotional purposes.

  • Virtualisation is the creation of a virtual version of something. Virtualising involves creating storage online which is not dependant on location, removing any dependency on physical hardware.

  • SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a database computer language that allows users to easily manage relational database systems by providing fields to which information can be assigned. 

  • A PURL is a personalised URL.

    You can use a PURL in a marketing campaign to send your target audience to a personalised web page, allowing you to tailor campaigns down to the group/individual (, or product/service (eg 

  • DNS stands for domain naming system. A domain naming system is a hierarchical naming system which translates human friendly domain names into numerical identifiers.

  • A cookie is a piece of information sent from a web server to a web browser, stored for next time the browser is in use.

  • RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows content to be syndicated from one site to another, as well as allowing users to subscribe to content (eg. you could subscribe to one of our blogs). You can use RSS for any web page that displays the little orange RSS button in the right hand corner of your URL field.


  • A digital wallet is the encryption software that works like a physical wallet during electronic commerce transactions. It can hold a user's payment information, a digital certificate to identify the user, and shipping information to speed up transactions; and is encrypted against piracy.

  • API is an acronymn for application program interface. An API is a method used to allow communication between one external system and another (eg. your company's accounting system and the ATO).

  • A botnet is a "robot network" of computer systems that have been infected by malicious software and can be controlled by  the "botnet herder " remotely from the same "command and control centre".

    A botnet is a group of bot infected PCs that are all controlled by the same "command and control centre".

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is a type of search engine marketing (eg Google Adwords) that allows the advertiser to pay only when viewers click on their ad.

  • Negative keywords are used in search engine marketing. Negative keywords are additional keywords that, when typed into search engines, exclude an ad from being triggered.

  • UI is an acronymn for User Interface.

  • A private cloud is a cloud computing platform that is implemented behind a corporate firewall, under the control of the organisation,offering the same features and benefits of "the cloud" while removing the risks associated with security, regulatory compliance and control over confidential data.

  • A protocol is a standard set of rules that enables the connection, communication, and data transfer between computers across a network.

  • Web 2.0 refers to the "second generation" of web development and design. It allows for more interactivity than the "first generation" and is characterised by facilitating communication, information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the web. Web-based communities, hosted services, and web applications would not be possible without it.

  • Is a post that consists of a maximum of 160 characters on the Twitter website,
    letting your followers know what your up to, keeping them posted on current
    events and linking them to things you find interesting.

  • SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. A secure sockets layer enables the encryption of sensitive information during online transactions.


  • A wiki is a website that allows users to contribute to content using their own web browser.

    The purpose of a wiki is generally to share knowledge.


  • XML is web jargon for Extended Markup Language- a type of programming code used by web designers and developers.
  • ISP is an acronym for Internet Service Provider.

  • JPEG stands for Joint Photographers Expert Group. A JPEG is an image file format. A JPEG is a web friendly image file format.

  • A tablet PC refers to a laptop or smartphone equipped with a touchscreen, which allows users to operate the computer without the need for a keyboard or mouse.

  • A splash page is a temporary web page, generally used to introduce a website or to indicate site maintenance.

  • The user interface of a website is what your visitors use to view and navigate the site. Layout, design, usability and functionality are all elements of the user interface.

  • Webinar is a term short for web-based seminar- in other words, a seminar held online. A webinar may take the form of a lecture, presentation or workshop and is usually interactive.

  • A sitemap is a list of all of the pages in your website, which provides a guide to navigation for your users. A sitemap.XML file is the file containing your sitemap. This file is submitted to search engines in order to provide a menu structure for your website to assist in determining the relevance of your website to a particular search.

  • Link building involves building links within a website, building forward links to related websites, building backlinks from related websites, building reciprocal links between related websites, building links in general directories and gaining authoritative links from .edu and .gov websites. It also involves submitting articles, blogs and press releases in related websites and social bookmarking sites.

  • Typography is a technique used by designers to differentiate the creative design of a website.Typography is the art of creating type designs, modifying type glyphs and arranging type. 

  •  TXT is the file extension format used for plain text files.

  • MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group. An MPEG is an audio or video compression.

  • POP, or Post Office Protocol, is what allows local email clients (eg. at work) to access their email remotely (eg. at home).

  • Is Microsoft’s newer version of Internet Explorer working with ninemsn, they claim that their search, security, reliability and compatibility are much better than their competitors.

  • A conversion is a term used in website analytics used to describe an action taken by a user, which helps the website administrator assess whether or not goals and objectives are being achieved.

    A conversion might be anything that you feel helps execute business strategy- from a click to a particular page, an email, or even the action of commenting on a blog.

  • In computing, a dashboard refers to a website's administration control panel. It is the graphical user interface used to provide access to commonly used tools.
  • Often referred to as a microsite and used for a number of purposes (individual products, sub-brands, affiliate organisations...and the list goes on), a minisite usually consists of one to five pages, and generally has no sub-pages.

  • A PDF is a portable document format (eg. Adobe PDF). 
  • WYSIWYG is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get". A WYSIWIG is a content editor - an administrative tool used in the "back end" of a website to edit content on that website.


    Maximise/Minimize editor

    maximises the editor to the full size of your web browser



    saves the current configuration of the page


    Find and Replace

    finds chosen text and replaces with chosen text.



    choose different formats for your text. eg. heading styles



    choose the font you would like to use



    choose the desired size for your font



    makes selected text Bold



    makes selected text Italic



    makes selected text underlined



    put a strike through selected text


    Font Colour

    changes colour of font


    Background colour

    changes the colour of the background


    Current Style

    shows current style of text.



    makes the letters sit below the normal letters



    makes the letters sit above the normal letters


    Justify Left

    justifies the text to sit against the left hand side


    Justify Centre

    justifies the text to sit in the middle


    Justify Right

    justifies the text to sit against the right hand side


    Justify Full

    justifies the text to the full available width

    ordered list_1.jpg

    Ordered List

    makes a list of dot points numbered numerically


    Bulleted List

    gives a list bullet points


    Descrease Indent

    decreases the size of the indent

    increase indent_1.jpg

    Increase Indent

    increases the size of the indent

    insert-edit horizontal rule_1.jpg

    Insert/Edit Horizontal Rule

    inserts a line, with you choice of width, height and colour


    Insert Special Character

    inserts a one of a range of available special characters


    Insert Hyperlink

    gives selected text a hyperlink to a destination of your choice.


    Insert Anchor

    inserts anchor on page that acts as a short cut


    Insert/Modify Image

    lets you browse your computer and select images to insert on the page


    Insert Table

    lets you insert a table



    undoes you last action



    redoes you last action


    Select all

    selects everything on the page



    prints the current web page you are editing



    cuts selected text from page



    copies selected text from page


    Paste from Clipboard

    pastes data from clipboard


    Paste as Plain Text

    pastes data from clipboard as plain text



    inserts or overwrites text


    Clear MSOffice Tags

    Clears microsoft office tags (only works on some browsers)


    Clear Inline Font Specs

    clears all font typefaces


    Remove Formatting

    Removes all formatting


    Toggle Borders

    toggles table borders on and off


    Direction Left to Right

    lets you type from left to right


    Direction Right to Left

    lets you type from right to left


    Toggle HTML Source

    toggles between WYSIWYG and HTML code


    HELP Using Editor

    brings up a popup with a list of keyboard shortcuts


    Table Properties

    lets you edit the properties of the selected table


    Row Properties

    lets you edit the properties of the selected row


    Insert Row Before

    inserts row before selected row


    Insert Row After

    inserts row after selected row


    Delete Row

    deletes selected row


    Split Row

    splits one row into multiple rows


    Insert Column Before

    inserts column before selected column


    Insert Column After

    inserts column after selected column


    Delete Column

    deletes column


    Split Column

    splits one column in to multiple columns


    Cell Properties

    lets you edit the properties of the selected cell


    Insert Cell Before

    inserts cell before selected cell


    Insert Cell After

    inserts cell after selected cell


    Delete Cell

    deletes selected cell


    Merge Cells

    merges multiple cells into one


    Split Cells

    splits one cell into multiple cells


    Insert File Link

    Lets you insert a link to a file


  • A byte is a unit of measurement for information storage used in computing. A byte generally consists of 8 bits, however size may vary depending on computer operating system and/or hardware used.

    eg: A megabyte (MB) is made up of approximately 1 million bytes.

  • Tabbed browsing is the next best things to dual monitors. Tabbed browsing allows users to open multiple pages within one web browser, enabling viewing of a selection of sites in one window at any given time  and leaving the task bar free for other projects. 

  • The UX is web jargon for the user experience.

    Many argue the UI (user interface) is the  most critical aspect of a website- how intuitive, user friendly, functional and aesthetically pleasing a site is.

    The online community has taken this argument one step further, suggesting that it is the user experience as a whole which defines the success of a website and strenghtens brand relationships between the organisation and its stakeholders.

  • Dynamic content on a website is content that is continuously changing (content that is regularly updated). It is important for website content to remain dynamic because search engines re-index changing content, improving SEO.

  • Nomadic wireless is a network technology that delivers connectivity within the limited range of local antennas. An example of nomadic wireless is Wi-Fi.


  • ROBOs are people who Research Online, Buy Offline.

  • An Enterprise application is part of an Enterprises Platform. It is an extension to the enterprise platform, that enables users to do more with their website.

    Example: bwired has created and uses coreDNA as an Enterprise Platform and an Application for coreDNA would be our ‘Newsletter’ item.

  • Is a new internet browser developed by Google. It is they believed they are more efficient and effective in speed, stability and security compared to the other internet browsers out there.

  • A mediacast is a rich multimedia, audio or video file streamed from your website, which runs on servers on your LAN/WAN.

  • A Push notification is a notification that lands on the home screen of your device, which when acknowledged takes you straight to a website or application (as opposed to an email notification, which lands in your inbox and requires a link to be clicked before directing you to a website or application).


  • Being ‘online’ is when you are connected to a network of computers, that are connected the internet.
    When your webpage is ‘online’ then it can be seen by anyone anywhere with access to the internet.

  • Is one of many Internet browsers, developed by Apple TM, this browser is used mostly on Mac’s but can be downloaded onto a PC.
    There are also other browsers like Firefox and Mozilla.

  • A mobile application are programs like games, versions of a site, or applications that can ‘help’ you with things during day to day life like budgeting, news and weather. These apps are developed by different companies, or people and can be downloaded to your phone. Some are free others you have to pay for.

  • eCommerce (electronic commerce) refers to business conducted online (transmission of funds, goods, services and/or data) using an application that relies on the internet; such as e-mail or shopping carts.

  • A zip file is where you create a file and put documents and other files, then you are able to ‘zip it up’ so it takes up less space and is easier to transfer and email around.
    Then they can be ‘unzipped’ so the files inside are able to be accessed.

  • Digg is a social network that allows people to discover and share content, which is then voted on by the community of users who collectively determine the value of content. The more popular the submission (the more Diggs it receives) the further it is promoted (ie. to the front page for the millions of visitors to see).

    Reddit is another popular social network that works similarly. These website are a great way to promote user generated content.

  • An online way to show how you feel, by using shortcut keys like “:)” which turns into a happy face when you send them emails, chat and on instant messaging sites. There are many different kinds of faces and emoticons you can create with a keyboard. 

  • Google is the most used search engine in the world.
    Used to find out nearly any kind of infomation needeed like people, places or websites, there is not a lot you can't find through Google
    It was created in 1998 and earned 7.9682 billion dollars in 2009.

  • A shopping cart is a part of a site that lets you buy off the internet (e-commerce) having this option on a webpage allows people to buy your products directly form the site, with out them having to call up or coming into the store, like an online shopping center.
    It is simple to use and has been very successful with sites like EBay.

  • The key pad found on most ‘business’ orientated phones, like the Nokia’s , HTC, iPhone and many more.
    It is based on the first six letters on the top line of a computer keyboard.

  • Also known as: HD
    Is the resolution of a TV or Computer screen.
    Resolution is the clarity of how a video is played on a screen.
    High resolution is a clearer picture and video quality; this is found in new TV’s.
    The same goes with computers most of the newer ones are HD and have a high pixel per frame rate.

  • Document written in HTML and is meant to be viewed in a web brower throught the internet and World Wide Web.Such programs include Internet Explorer or Opera.

  • It is a new handheld computing device launched by Apple. Designed for sonsumers who want a mobile device which is lareger than a smartphone and smaller than a laptop for entertainment media.

  • A 3D Browser known as a 3B is a website that is created to be viewed virtually in 3D. Similar to a virtual world 3D browsers attempt to imitate real life, but these browsers are ‘played’ like games, there are sign ups and such.

  • It is the text and graphics that make up the details of the page. It isn't the layout or the design of the pages. Nor is it the interactivity of the pages.

  • A Sub-Domain is a more specific portion of a domain name. They are used to divide up Web domains without registering a new domain name.

  • An acronym used to remember a key rule in any kind of business: Keep It Simple, Stupid.
    Using simplicity as an advantage, too much information on a page causes clutter, having too many pictures can be distracting and too much flash takes longer to load so you could say having less is more.

  • A Web server that is leased or owned outright. Dedicated servers provide exclusive use of the Web server resources for your business. Most of the time a business is able to fully control the server, including root access and server administration. Some dedicated server plans provide administration consoles to manage the server.

  • A "hosted" blog is a blog that is hosted on a website other than your own. While still providing you with the opportunity to express your opinions and build credibility; a hosted blog does not sit on your own website and is therefore not branded. As such the opportunities that blogging provides are greatly enhanced if you own your own blog.

  • Social networking sites are sites that are used to keep in contact with people, and to keep up with current events.
    Recently they have been used by companies and organisations that make pages that get their brand out, in a way it can be used as free advertising.
    The major Social Networking sites are Facebook, Bebo and Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

  • A click through rate is the number of times an item on a webpage has been clicked. This number is then turned into a percentage. A click rate can tell you how well your website, or certain parts of your website are doing on the internet.

  • Is a software computer program that is mostly used in web browsers so people are able to play videos, sound, or other extensions to site.
    A plug-in can be also known as an Add-on.

  • A individual who breaks into a computer system, but does no harm, usually for fun or just the challenge. The subculture that has evolved around hackers is often referred to as the computer underground but is now an open community. These indivduals are mkotivated by curiosity and adventures spirit.

  • Geolocation technology tracks, finds and records where you and others are located. The information is found through GPS, Wi-Fi connection, IP address and other technology. This technology is best known to be integrated into some of the newer phones as well as Navigation systems.

  • Open Source Software is free code that allows people to develop sites, and games.
    It is free software code that you can edit and modify yourself.
    Even though it isfree there are regulations and rules for those who do use it.
    Open source code is available to anyone and everyone.

  • A video-sharing website where users can upload videos and share them.
    It is the largest video hosting site in the world and it was reported that in May 2010 it was reported that more than 2 billion videos a day were being watched on YouTube.

  • An image map in XHTML or Web Development is an image that has different clickable elements within the same single image. It allows web developers to define which parts are clickable and which are not.

  • A computer developed by Apple, designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Mac’s run on their own OS (operating system) and are still compatible with programs Microsoft like Word and PowerPoint. Apple are focused on the design and graphics of computers as well as with there other products like the iPhone, iPad and iPod's constantly updating and redesigining them. this them apart.

  • FarmVille is the most popular game application on Facebook (with over 24.1 million Facebook fans) and is also available as an application on the iPhone over 61.6 million active users). The game allows members to manage a virtual farm in real time by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops and trees, and raising livestock.

  • An OS is what you need for your computer to access and run the basic features and programs of your computer, you then can download and add extra programs to your computer like Office, Image and Film editing programs as well as games.  

  • Proprietary Software in most cases is developed and owned by a company. Its source code is unique and is only known by few people. A program is developed so that this code is able to be used to improve or edit.

  • Delicious is a social bookmarking site that allows users to save all their bookmarks online, share them with other people, and see what other people are bookmarking. It also shows users the most popular bookmarks being saved in real time across many areas of interest. Search and tagging tools help you keep track of your entire bookmark collection and find tasty new bookmarks from people like you.

  • A “Jail Breaking” program is a type of software downloaded on to an iPhone, iPad or iTouch to unlock Apples operating system so that you are able to download apps for free. Doing this does void warranty on your Apple device and isn’t always safe despite the benefits.

  • This term means the same thing as ‘internet’. It was in relation to how big the internet was and in the space it was growing, it is all the networks on the internet. There really is no limit to how big Cyber Space is but once something is out there it’s out there forever. The word Cyber Space was also a favored in the media as an alternative.

  • bwired does not charge for transfering of Domain Name Registration. We can also help you modify your domain to point to our DNS servers at no cost. To change the legal leasee of a Domain Name will incur a charge.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • Our free RISE competitive analysis tool offers a way for current and potential customers to make a preliminary assessment of their current website performance. The tool offers a means for comparison, and a guide for future direction.

    Our strategy consultants generally use this tool as a first step. bwired has a team of online strategy consultants who can perform a comprehensive website analysis for you. To learn more, call us on 1300 780 566.

  • A robot.txt file protects specific files (such as secured folders, administration pages or secure login pages) on your website from being crawled and indexed by search engines.

    When a robot crawls your site it looks for the robots.txt file. If it doesn't find one it assumes that it may crawl and index the entire site.

  • Blog commenting involves commenting on other relevant blogs in order to demonstrate thought leadership and gain referral traffic.

  • We developed a free website analysis tool for you, built around our RISE model, which helps businesses measure how well their website performs against the competition. Visit to use our free RISE competitive analysis tool.

  • A Quality Score is a score assigned by search engines to each of your keywords, based on how relevant your keyword is to your ad copy and to a user’s search query. A high Quality score will trigger your ad in a higher position at a lower cost per click (CPC).

    Your Quality Score will vary depending on ad performance. As such, you can improve your Quality Score by monitoring and refining your keywords and ad copy, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your ad and reducing CPC.


  • The bwired online newsletter enables you to send newsletters to specific target groups. The newsletters can be layouted nicely to ensure they are being read. The bwired backend solution automatically manages, updates and maintains your contacts and group details. Have a look at the direct marketing series, to find out more about smart business solutions or send us an email to get some sample newsletters.

  • Content production is collaborative and inter-departmental, CEO’s, managers, administrative assistants and so on are all involved in the content production process. Operational efficiencies are improved through a CMS by providing an automated workflow process. Time is money and money is saved by not having to continually refer content to your businesses developer. CMS gives back the control to you.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • Go to The screen will prompt you to enter your user name and password to access your account. You are then able to send and receive email remotely.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • A domain name is a string of numbers or letters separated by periods that identifies the address of a computer network connection and its owner (eg.