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  • Go to The screen will prompt you to enter your user name and password to access your account. You are then able to send and receive email remotely.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • It is a common problem that email software can sometimes lose the record of your password that you have entered previously.

    When this occurs simply type in your password again when you are prompted.

    If it still keeps asking for it this would mean that you are typing the incorrect username and/or password.

    Also if it successfully checks your email after entering the password but next time you go to check your email it asks you again this is most likely because you have not ticked the option box to save password.

    When you are prompted to enter the password there will be a save password or remeber password tick box you can select which will save the password and you won't have to enter it each time.

    If you are continually asked to re-enter your password (even though you know your username and password are correct) or see an error such as '-ERR [IN-USE] mailbox in use' this means there is a POP lock on the mailbox.

    A POP lock is established on mail boxes for each connection to it using the POP3 protocol and remains until retrieving of email has finished at which times it then logs off the connection from the server.

    Concurrent connections to POP3 mail boxes are not possible and subsequent connection attempts will result in an error such this above.

    Similarly, if the connection to the mail server is interrupted, i.e: the Internet connection drops out or the email client (eg: Outlook Express) crashes then it has not had the chance to issue the server with a signal to let it know that it has finished collecting mail and is now terminating the connection.

    The result of this is that the mail server will still think that your connection is active and you will not be able to establish a new connection to the account. If this is the case you will need to wait 15 minutes for the pop lock to time out.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • Even though bwired offers you several email accounts as included with your bwired Online, you may wish to keep your email hosted with your current provider. To do this you need to point the A and WWW records of your domain allocation to the bwired server:

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • When you receive an email, we can create an auto responder that sends back automated response.

    Auto responses are great for when you are on a business trip or have a general email account that client’s emails like For instance, when a client emails you, they will receive an email saying "Thank you for your email request, we are processing your request and a representative will contact you shortly".

    To activate your auto response, please contact bwired on with the email you would like to organize auto response on, your message and start and end dates if required.

  • You can email us the details for your new email accounts. Please include the and the password. We recommend using something other than the username here, with a mix of alpha-numeric values, including lower and upper case.

    If you would like your email address to be forwarded to another email, please state the email address.

    Access to your email whilst out of your office/home or traveling anywhere in the world, is available, via the web via:

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • Yes you can. We can create you as many email-accounts as you wish. But we can take you even further to optimize your level of operational efficiency. Our collaboration series will fulfill all your needs of internal and external communication.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • Yes, bwired offers premium email hosting solutions, including exchange hosting solutions.

    The bwired premium hosting platform provides businesses with powerful, secure, reliable email - with absolutely no maintenance. Along with webmail, mobile email, and a host of other features, users also enjoy premium protection against spam, viruses and other security threats. Users can access their email from Outlook, webmail, or any other wireless device.

    bwired's Hosted exchange service provides all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, without any of the headaches of managing it. We take care of everything and back it up with the best email expertise, support and infrastructure in the industry.

    100% uptime guaranteed.

    Email us today for a detailed brochure at,  or call 1300 780 566 to speak to one of our consultants.

  • bwired is different to most development companies in the following ways:

    Management Structure

    Even though bwired is considered a small company with only 15 employees it has a full board of directors that ensure the company complies with its corporate and organisational responsibilities. The bwired board is made up of eminent individuals with many years of business experience in various industries and organisations. The board oversees the company's strategic direction and assists with monitoring of performance and Corporate governance.


    The bwired online engine has been completely developed by the experienced bwired team. Our solution is supported locally and continuously enhanced by a team of highly qualified individuals to the benefit of our customers.


    Strategy forms the basis of all our customer discussions. We believe that establishing an achievable business strategy for our customers reinforces our long term relationship. The internet is an enabler to business, not the solution to all your business problems. Our strategic approach of proven methodology will ensure your business achieves online success.


    The services offered at bwired are second to none. To ensure our customers benefit from their investment we provide continuous support and education keeping you informed of the changes that are occurring to the internet. If problems arise our 24/7 help desk is there to answer your queries.

  • Keywords were developed for use in search engine optimisation. A keyword is a word of particular relevance to the content within a given web page, or the website as a whole. Keywords should be as close as possible to the search terms users would type into search engines to try and find information about your products/services online. To improve your ranking in search engines, keywords should also be used within the content of your website.

    To get a better understanding, call our Melbourne office on 1300 780 566.

    Our business consultants will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

  • A website content analysis involves checking keyword density, prominence, and proximity for the content of the targeted pages, ensuring content is keyword rich; checking links in content and providing suggestions for improvement of the internal linking structure.

  • Yes, bwired can write content for articles aimed at link building in order to boost brand awareness and SEO for your organisation. The number of articles will depend on the package.

     Article Content/ Month   Starter  Intermediate  Professional
     -  1  2



  • You can promote your blog by submitting in social bookmarking websites, RSS feed directories and pinging websites.

    You might also choose to promote your blog via  the social networks you are a member of.

    In addition, you can promote your blog by commenting on related blogs of interest and providing useful information with links back to your blog, and/or by adding an additional link back to your blog within your email signature.

  • The recommended number of keywords will vary for every SEO campaign, depending on the website and the package.

    We recommend the following:


     Starter  Intermediate
     7  12  20

  • An account performance report generates statistics for the entire account, or for a portion of the account, providing the client with information regarding how the account is running.

  • For many organisations the urgency boils down to three main factors;

    1. Internal pressure - the desire to create and manage content in a more efficient manner

    2. An awareness that solutions are available (at a price that is not preventative to using them)

    3. Legislation !! Across the globe governments are tackling the accessibility of information and forcing organisations to comply

    However, it is important to recognise that the CMS solutions themselves have also evolved to the point where they are now;

    1. Genuinely easy to use

    2. Easier to deploy

    3. Stable products

    4. Less costly (which in turn improves the return (profit) on investment)

    5. Standards enforcing - so that the legislative requirements can be met using the tools

    6. Strategically significant to an organisations operations.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • Our CMS is entirely web based and browser independent. It can run on a range of operating systems and with most browsers such as IE, Firefox, Mac’s, etc.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.
  • You may have many different audiences for your website- it usually depends on what type of business you are in. Our strategy consultants can help you determine who these target audiences are, how best to reach them, and how to satisfy their needs online.