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  • There are number of ways you can find out. If you would like the bwired team could find out for you just email us at or call 1300 780 566.

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  • We developed a free website analysis tool for you, built around our RISE model, which helps businesses measure how well their website performs against the competition. Visit to use our free RISE competitive analysis tool.

  • Image optimisation involves inserting a piece of code behind an image to describe the image, ensuring it is the best possible match for image content and the context in which it has been placed in order to boost search engine results.

  • A forum is an online discussion. Blog promotion involves submission of articles, blogs and press releases in relevant forums as well as participation in related forums and this will be an ongoing process based on the contract period for the website.

    Forum submissions are an ongoing process based on keyword ranking and number of articles, blogs and press releases posted on the original website.

  • A website analysis generally involves a comprehensive analysis of a website’s user interface against key success factors. This includes analysis of the website’s usability, functionality and design.

    bwired website analysis goes beyond user interface to analyse how the website is helping or hindering the organisation in reaching business goals and objectives. Over years of experience in the online environment and hundreds of successful launches we have developed and fine-tuned our RISE model, which measures website success against the critical business areas of Research, Image and Branding, Sales, and (operational) Efficiency.

    After the fundamental aspects of the website have been assessed, the analyst will determine the level of search engine optimisation, including assessment of page ranking, link building strategies, keywords, meta tags, heading tags, website content and website promotion strategies.

  • Bid management in search engine marketing involves lowering your minimum bid through effective keyword grouping and optimisation.

  • CoreDNA's modular structure results in a robust, flexible website solution that provides measurable results, is easy to edit and update, and is appealing to the eye. Our technology is second to none, we sit on the leading edge of what we do not the bleeding edge.

    Click here to learn more about CoreDNA technology

  • Each type of content management tool provides a different set of business benefits and collectively a whole combination of improvements that provide a return and increasingly a profit on the investment.

    A CMS enables online information to be fresh, consistent and a high quality.

    Reduced customer (internal & external) dissatisfaction created by having incorrect information.

    Reduction in legal issues created by displaying incorrect information.

    Increased value perception of the information provided.

    There is a higher likelihood of a customer re-visiting the site.

    Some search engines rank pages that change frequently higher in search results.

    A CMS facilitates the re-use of content

    The re-use of content across multiple web sites or pages creates an enhanced productivity value.

    The re-use of web output to broadcast over e.g. DTV, Mobile Phones, Kiosks creates new audiences.

    The syndication and re-use of content from other suppliers is made easier.

    A CMS ensures enhanced productivity & job satisfaction of the web team

    Webmasters can focus on technology and areas such as redesign and functionality.

    A more appropriate use of the web team results in lowered production costs.

    Enables a quick response to changes on competitors web sites.

    A CMS enables decentralised content creation

    This enables global contribution of content and information.

    The 'speed to market' of changes and new content is improved by avoiding the IT bottleneck.

    Content creators/editors are able to take ownership/responsibility for the information they provide

    A CMS provides either a competitive advantage or eliminates a competitive disadvantage

    Increasingly the web site is the window that investors use to evaluate a company.

    A dynamic, changing website creates the impression of a forward thinking company.

    It enables a 'speed-boat' response to changes in the competitive environment.

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  • Even though bwired offers you several email accounts as included with your bwired Online, you may wish to keep your email hosted with your current provider. To do this you need to point the A and WWW records of your domain allocation to the bwired server:

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • Bandwidth can refer to either:

    -the rate at which data can be transferred (a lower bandwidth internet connection will load data slowly)


    -the amount of data which can be transferred (before overage charges apply)