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  • bwired drives digital business transformations for its clients. We are the trusted web partners of government, major businesses and global brands.

    We use website strategy, technology and design to enable clients to make rapid, substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations by harnessing the Internet to streamline business processes and enhance marketing, sales and stakeholder relationships. Mapping your business objectives to changes in technology requires in-depth knowledge, continuing education, fresh thinking and solid execution. The internet is a constantly changing and challenging environment, and our clients benefit from our ongoing online leadership and the resulting growth for their businesses.

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing are some of the major search engines which we utilise in our SEO campaigns. We submit all of our websites each month to ensure they are getting indexed regularly and found in search engines.

    We also recommend submiting to some of the smaller, industry-specific search engines your target audience might turn to for fast results. Try  for help determining which industry-specific search engines you may wish to use.

  • A site and business objectives overview is an overview of the website’s business goals and objectives, aimed at clarifying strategy and direction.

  • Google Analytics allows you to track visitors by coding calls to action, allowing you to see who has clicked where.

  • An SEO suggestions report provides suggestions on how to improve page ranking, link building strategies, keywords, meta tags, heading tags, website content and website promotion strategies.

  • Tracking code is a piece of code inserted behind URLs, linked content or action buttons which allows the administrator to track the actions that visitors take on their website.

    Tracking code can be used for website analytics and for campaign analytics.

    Once a Google Adwords account has been created, bwired generate the tracking code for tracking the goal and install the code in the respective goal pages.

  • The Conversion Optimizer is a Google tool used to automatically find the optimal equivalent cost-per-click (CPC) bid for your ad each time it is eligible to appear, removing the requirement for you to manually adjust bids to reach goals. Because the Conversion Optimiser optimises placement in each ad auction, the tool allows you to avoid unprofitable clicks and gain as many profitable clicks as possible.

  • Yes, we run a CMS which is controlled by several levels of security, which is set by you. You are able to assign different access to the website to appropriate personnel. Each member who will be provided access to the website will be given a username and password that can be easily changed. This way we are providing you maximum flexibility to run and control your website.

    Call bwired today on 1300 780 566 or email for more information.

  • The bwired CMS allows for the simple upload of Adobe Files.

    You are able to link a PDF document to text or to an image of your choice. The process is simple and provides you the capabilities to engage your online visitors further.


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  • bwired recommends that Mac users use Mozilla Firefox browser. To download a Firefox browser for free, or click here.