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  • It’s an address on the internet. For example, you are probably most familiar with internet addresses, where the domain name is prefixed by "www".

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  • A website analysis generally involves a comprehensive analysis of a website’s user interface against key success factors. This includes analysis of the website’s usability, functionality and design.

    bwired website analysis goes beyond user interface to analyse how the website is helping or hindering the organisation in reaching business goals and objectives. Over years of experience in the online environment and hundreds of successful launches we have developed and fine-tuned our RISE model, which measures website success against the critical business areas of Research, Image and Branding, Sales, and (operational) Efficiency.

    After the fundamental aspects of the website have been assessed, the analyst will determine the level of search engine optimisation, including assessment of page ranking, link building strategies, keywords, meta tags, heading tags, website content and website promotion strategies.

  • Content optimisation involves editing existing content to ensure it is has appropriate title and meta tags, is dynamic, keyword rich, and contains an optimum number of links/linking structure.

  • bwired offers three SEO packages at various levels and time frames.

     Starter Intermediate   Professional
     3 months  6 months  6 months
    updates monthly  updates weekly updates daily


  • Meta tags are pieces of code that describe the content within web pages. They are not intended for users to see but instead which typically pass information onto search engine crawlers, browser software and some other applications. They are HTML coded and take a variety of forms and serve a variety of purposes in the context of search engine optimization.

    The most common meta tags relevant to search engines are keyword and description tags.

    Accurate meta tags are important because they improve search engine results.

  • Landing page testing involves both A/B testing and multivariate testing, and is aimed at improving conversion rates.

    Landing page testing involves trying different layouts, headlines, content, buttons, and colors.

    Our platform is flexible, allowing us to split A/B test and multivariate test without making permanent changes to the site.

  • The bwired i-calendar enables you to manage meetings and appointments in a very efficient way. Browse through our product series to find out about other ways of improving operational efficiency.

  • bwired provide the code behind the CMS and maintain it for all of our clients. We are constantly updating the functionality based on customer feedback. If you have additional functionality that you would like to see we would be happy to look at that. You have full control over your content and site structure via the CMS from changing/adding pages, updating words, creating tables, adding links and changing or modifying images. The CMS is fully scalable so if you choose to include further modules then your “switch on” costs are reduced as your website grows. Training is provided with each element of the CMS so you can maximise your use.

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  • When you receive an email, we can create an auto responder that sends back automated response.

    Auto responses are great for when you are on a business trip or have a general email account that client’s emails like For instance, when a client emails you, they will receive an email saying "Thank you for your email request, we are processing your request and a representative will contact you shortly".

    To activate your auto response, please contact bwired on with the email you would like to organize auto response on, your message and start and end dates if required.

  • VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol (IP). VoIP allows you to transmit voice information in digital form over the internet via tools like Skype or Google Talk.