Jun 14, 2012

Creating Web Content: Go Local, Get Social and More

Last week over on Web Trends Campbell Wilson talked about the importance (still) of blogging so, on a related note, I’m talking about creating content (like blogs) and finding inspiration when the ideas are running short.

So here are some quick tips, and while they won't suit every business, I hope they will get you thinking local and get some content ideas of your own started.

Web Content Ideas

Create content that speaks to your customers. If you’re offering a service, talk about more than what you have on offer. Share FAQs, how-to articles, news items, or other informational pieces that not only inform your audience and help them make a better decision, but that also show off your expertise (hello, blogging!).

At bwired we’re always encouraging our clients to create content that will bring in customers from Google based on more than just their straightforward products or services. Are you a recruitment company? Talk about how to create an exceptional CV, or how to send a great follow-up email to a potential employer after an interview. Its basic stuff and you (and your employees) already know it all, you just have to share it with your customers and the potential customers that are already searching about these topics for their own needs.

Local Content

So how does this advice apply to local content? Well, think about what information you can pull from your own experience and relate it to the local community. What is happening in your city? What season or upcoming holiday is approaching? Put in references to your local community, throw in some jargon if it works, and add an authentic touch to your content.

Another idea? Focus on your customers and their stories. How did you help your fellow local business with your services or products? Tell the story, be personal and show off another side of your organisation while also talking about the city or community.

Get Local on Social

Social media is a wonderful tool to create a huge network of connections from all around the world, but don’t forget that it’s still a SOCIAL network. Reach out to followers in your local community. This will even allow you to take the conversation offline – gasp! – and interact in the real world.

I’ve only scratched the surface here, and your content plan will vary depending on your business, its goals and its current online assets. Consider giving us a call at 1300 780 566 or email info@bwired.com.au and talk to us about your web strategy. 

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