Jul 30, 2012

The Good and Bad of the User Experience Industry

The user experience industry is a growing and changing industry that can be difficult to pin down and define. As user experience continues to develop (and become distorted), bwired’s Business Development Manager had a look at the UX industry today as part of his extensive presentation on user experience at one of our free seminars.

Here are some of the main points from Chris’ presentation on the benefits of the current UX industry and what to look out for:

The Good

User experience emphasises a strategic and science-based approach to product and service delivery. User experience is not a creative exercise, but a scientific one.

Measurable results are a significant and essential aspect of any UX project, and one that separates the successful from the failed projects.

UX puts the desires and egos of the business aside (for the most part), and instead places a strongemphasis on the user and meeting their needs.

User experience also provides a technique for building better products and services that people will love by understanding and drawing upon the opinions and attitudes of customers, and how the customer wants to use your products and services.

The Bad

There is often an over-emphasis on user research and user testing and not enough good architecture, design, innovation and traditional marketing and IT practices.

An infamous outcome of UX projects is when the business objectives are ignored or forgotten. Without business objectives in mind, a UX project largely becomes a waste of time and resources.

Crossing over to the creative rather than the scientific is a related downfall for UX projects. Remember that a successful UX project can be measured – it’s not simply a matter of creative tastes.

Lots of ‘high theatre’ tools and techniques exist in the IT and UX world today, but most often they comeat a high cost but with few benefits. Don’t be distracted by the shiny bells and whistles!

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