Apr 13, 2012

Become the Digital Champion of Your Organisation

As a business that has been working in the web for over a decade, we know that digital knowledge and skills are important but often missing or not up to par. Companies are eager to become more experienced in the web and employees are eager to learn, but there can be a significant gap in knowledge and in resources. Not only do we look for digital marketing skills in our own employees, but when our clients have a digital ‘champion’ in their own organisation it makes for successful strategies that can be sustained in the long-term. So how can organisations’ add digital marketing skills to their business?

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Australian businesses are being rewarded for their investment in online channels and others want to learn how they can excel in this area as well; however, as we’ve discussed before, there are barriers to investment. In a previous blog post, Campbell Wilson talked about this very topic and a survey of Australian businesses from Marketing Mag and eConsultancy. In this survey, marketers listed several obstacles that held back their digital marketing strategies including “the limited number of experienced and skilled staff within an organisation and the difficulty in finding experienced employees to implement a digital strategy.”

Despite barriers such as the lack of skilled staff, Australian businesses want to implement digital strategies because they recognise the importance of digital marketing and the opportunities it can offer to connect with Australian customers who are digital-friendly and who have evolving expectations. For example, it is expected that 60% of Australians will own a smartphone in 2012, and almost half of those with smartphones use the device to find out more about a product or service before a purchase. We’re also some of the most active social media users in the world. And we’re interacting with businesses on multiple platforms but not always getting a seamless experience.

Recognising the rewards that are out there in digital is only one step – how do you get the resources to implement such a strategy? Well, here’s one way...

Digital Marketing Course

bwired has been working with Chisholm in the development of a course for some time now and are excited to share the news that a Digital Marketing course, one of the first of its kind in Australia, is now available from Chisholm on either their Frankston or Melbourne CBD campus.

In this part-time course, qualified students will gain skills and knowledge in digital marketing, including:

  • digital marketing strategies
  • managing digital marketing platforms (including social media, web and mobile)
  • digital marketing campaigns
  • evaluating and managing social media marketing
  • project management.

And because this course is for qualified students that have either a degree or experience in the field, we think this will be an excellent opportunity for marketers looking to round off their capability and capacity and to gain essential skills needed in their organisations.

For more information about this program and how to get involved, visit the website today.

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