May 23, 2012

SEO Tips from the Top

Search engine optimisation is a crucial consideration for anyone with a website. As we always say, 'build it and they will come' is not a website strategy. But we also know that search is always changing, so when Google released a video discussing SEO it's not a bad idea to pay attention. In the video, Maile Ohye (the Developer Programs Tech Lead from Google) speaks about common SEO mistakes and tips to stay on the right track when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Here are some of the top tips to remember when you create an SEO strategy (or some helpful tips to keep your strategy in check):

1. Differentiate Yourself

Determine what differentiates your business from others. As Ohye stated, Why should the user click on your website? Why should they return? And why should they recommend your business to others? Your value proposition can be a powerful tool in SEO. Think of the search engine results page and the listings of websites - what will you say to draw users in (and away from the competition)?

At bwired we get to know your business and your objectives, and use this knowledge to help you succeed online. With this foundation behind us and a strong value proposition, an SEO strategy is simple.

2. Avoid the Trends

Search is changing constantly, but keeping up with the trends is far less effective than creating lasting value through your SEO strategy. For example, keyword density was the latest trends some 7 years ago, but now such tactics like keyword stuffing can potentially penalise your website. Instead, focus on areas like your value proposition, site content, site architecture and choosing the right, relevant keywords, to create long-term value in your online assets.

3. Stay Agile
According to Ohye, an agile SEO strategy is essential. Organisations that fall behind in the changing SEO cycle will be at a disadvantage. By partnering with a business that knows about SEO and follows the changing search environment, you can worry about your own business and leave the rest to us. We'll create goals and measure your SEO activities so you can implement improvements and refine as you go along. Search is always changing, but by keeping SEO goals in mind (like the target audience you want to connect with), you can measure and refine an SEO strategy without losing sight of the end game.

4. Social Media, Mobile and SEO

Support your SEO-friendly website and content by staying fresh and relevant in areas like social media and mobile. Social media is an excellent tool to share the content you've put so much work into and drive natural traffic to your website through the buzz you can create over your fantastic content (it is fantastic, right?). And if your product/service has something to offer for those on the go, mobile websites can be an excellent way to share your content with users in a useful way.

We can help your organisation create, implement and maintain a flexible SEO strategy. Contact us today for more information on our search services at 1300 780 566 or

And watch the full video from Google here!

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