Jun 6, 2012

Why You (Still) Need a Blog

There was talk that blogging was dead. For some organisations, blogging had never had a chance. But since when are we not interested in these benefits of blogging?:

  • Get more leads
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Feed social media content
  • Engage customers
  • Demonstrate thought leadership

Stop considering a blog to be a short-term solution and start seeing it as the effective long-term tool that it is, and your blog strategy will not only be alive and well but your site will benefit from the activity.

So let’s go over some reasons why you still need a blog.

Be an Expert

Let the reader know all the knowledge and experience behind your service/product offering. You know your product inside and out, but how is the website visitor supposed to know that? Show off the voice and knowledge of your company, boast a little, talk about your passions, discuss the latest in your industry - there are plenty of options!

Take a Chance

A blog lets you stand out and even push some buttons if you want to. Depending on your industry, a blog can let you cut loose a bit and say something slightly controversial or creative.

Engage Visitors

Even without controversy, a blog lets you engage your customers by showing off another dimension of your organisation. For example, you can be friendly and open, and keep the posts short and off the cuff if you want! There are many options when building a blog strategy.

Feed Social Media

Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are great tools to connect with your target audience, drive organic site traffic and stay connected in your industry and networks; however, maintaining a social media network can be difficult for many organisations. All too often we see a social media account for a business that has been left idle – that is a missed opportunity and useful to no one. Maintain a sustainable social media strategy and pull from your blog content to engage with your audience and to help drive visitors to your website.

Improve SEO with an Active Blog

Regularly posting blog articles can be an excellent way to not only show off your expertise, but also to drive organic search and referrals to a website. These referrals can then be translated into leads and opportunities, especially when you have a web strategy in place to take advantage of online traffic.

Sustain a Blog Strategy

All the points listed above won’t mean anything if you don’t keep up with your blog strategy. Visiting a company’s blog and seeing a post from 18 months ago isn’t impressive. Like social media, your blog strategy must be sustainable.

Direct your time and resources to the activity/tools that will best support your business objectives. Contact us on 1300 780 566 or info@bwired.com.auand we’ll help you find the best avenue to deliver your business goals using your online assets, including blogging but also social media, website builds and designs and SEO strategies, to name but a few services!  

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